How Do I Choose the Best Promotional Key Chains?

B. Miller

Promotional key chains make great giveaways at events or even just to regular customers to show appreciation. They are not too expensive, can be ordered in bulk, and they can be customized with the name and phone number of the company. Promotional key chains are one of the most common giveaways, in addition to other types of corporate promotional items such as pens or desktop calendars. Of course, it is the goal to get the customers to actually use the key chains for free advertising, otherwise it defeats the purpose. It is a good idea to choose durable key chains that will hold up with use, and ones that possibly serve another utilitarian purpose, such as a bottle opener or a small flashlight; the more unique the item is - the more likely it will be that people will keep and use it.

Beer companies sometimes distribute promotional key chains that can also open beer bottles.
Beer companies sometimes distribute promotional key chains that can also open beer bottles.

Plastic promotional key chains are cheapest, but metal ones with the company logo and contact information engraved in to the key chain tend to be much more durable. They also look nicer, meaning the customer is more likely to use the key chain on an everyday basis. It is a good idea to shop around online in order to find the best prices for purchasing the key chains in bulk, since there are many different companies that produce them, often for very different prices.

It is also a good idea to keep in mind that promotional key chains that serve a useful purpose are more likely to be used. Key chains with a small yet bright LED light are very helpful, for example; though they might be more expensive to purchase, customers will likely use them. Another option is to select a bottle opener key chain to hand out. Restaurants or alcoholic beverage companies often use these as advertisements because many people like to have a bottle opener on their key chain, and may be more likely to make another purchase when they see the familiar brand name.

Picture frame promotional key chains can be another great option that a customer will actually use. These may feature the company name or logo on the back, and an open picture frame on the front. Miniature digital picture frames also exist in key chain form for those willing to invest a little more.

These are just a few of the many options for promotional key chains. It is a good idea to consider your customer base before making a purchase. A customer base made up mostly of families, for example, will necessitate a different purchase than one made up of children or college students.

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