How Do I Choose the Best Promotional Coffee Mugs?

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Businesses often have promotional coffee mugs on hand to give out to potential customers so those customers will remember the business name and think of it regularly. So many adults drink coffee or tea regularly that coffee mugs not only create effective advertising, but also drum up support and enthusiasm for a company that was willing to invest in a useful piece of promotional material. Choosing the best promotional coffee mugs starts with researching the best designs for your business's logo, as well as the price of the mugs. The cost will fluctuate according to the size, features, and materials used to make the mug.

The two most common choices for promotional coffee mugs are ceramic mugs and insulated mugs. Ceramic mugs are traditional mugs that are inexpensive and generally attractive. The basic model will be very simple and usually come in solid colors or just white. When you consider such mugs, try to envision how your business's logo will look on this simple style, and with what color your logo will work best. If your logo is too large for these smaller promotional coffee mugs, you may want to consider larger mugs that often feature curved sides for added aesthetic appeal.


Insulated promotional coffee mugs are usually made from brushed aluminum, and they are insulated so a person can travel with the mug and still keep his or her coffee warm. While color logos are possible on these mugs, the overall cost of this more expensive mug combined with color graphics can make the mug cost prohibitive. Black and white logos will save money in this instance. Choose among insulated mugs with or without handles, and only choose insulated mugs that feature a snugly fitting top that will keep liquids inside even during bumpy car or train rides. The lid should also feature some way to drink the liquid without removing the entire lid.

Glass and tin mugs are other options for promotional coffee mugs. Glass mugs are very attractive, and the logo can be frosted on in a white color, though they do tend to be more fragile than other styles of promotional mugs. This means more care will need to be taken when storing and using the mugs. Tin mugs are durable and inexpensive, as well as lightweight, though they will not insulate very well and they will be hot to the touch when in use. They are usually less expensive than other types of mugs.


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