How do I Choose the Best Professional Ironing Board?

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If you are looking for a professional ironing board, try to buy one that is slightly larger than models designed for household use. You should also make sure there are vents in the top of the board to allow steam from an iron to pass through. Check to see how sturdy the frame is and whether it is easy to adjust to a comfortable height. Try to find one that has a pad and cover attached, as it may be difficult to find ones to fit an industrial ironing board.

This type of ironing board should be slightly larger than the average folding model. A typical professional ironing board may be around 63 inches long (160.02 cm) and 19 inches (48.26 cm) at the widest point. It should be slightly tapered at one end, just like other types of ironing boards.

You may want to use a steam iron a great deal in your commercial ironing endeavors. For this reason, you should make sure there are openings in the top of the board to allow steam to escape. These can sometimes resemble small vents, or could look more like screens depending on the model of board you purchase.


Carefully inspect the frame and legs of the professional ironing board. Make sure they are solidly constructed and do not collapse easily when fully extended. These pieces may be slightly heavier than a household ironing board, but should not make the board cumbersome to move from one place to another. It should also be easy to adjust the height of this ironing board.

See if there is a cover and foam pad attached to the professional ironing board you are considering. If so, make sure it has elastic all the way around to help keep it in place. Think about whether it is made from a scorch proof material such as silicone.

If possible before purchasing, iron a garment so you can see if you might like using a particular model. That way you can see if clothing fits on the board nicely. Pay attention to how much the professional ironing board shakes or wobbles from side to side while you are using it.

A professional ironing board can be a helpful item if you sew often or do a great deal of ironing. This type of ironing board is generally very durable, so it can withstand heavy use. Purchasing one can be a good idea whether for household or commercial use.


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