How Do I Choose the Best Professional Ceramic Curling Iron?

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The best professional ceramic curling iron utilizes interior ceramic heating coils to reach high temperatures in a short amount of time. This type of product should also be equipped with a separate on and off button that operates independently of the heat setting controls. A swiveling electric cord that attaches to the base improves the product's overall safety and handling capabilities.

A professional ceramic curling iron uses the naturally porous content of clay to heat and style hair without damaging it. This type of styling tool is purported by manufacturers to emit negative ions through an infrared heating technique. The result of these interacting properties is smooth hair that is not burned or split from direct contact with the surface of the iron.

Individuals with thick or long hair may prefer a professional ceramic curling iron that achieves high temperatures quickly. Most curling irons range between 390° F (199° C) and 430° F (221° C). Higher heat temperatures are necessary to achieve curl in coarse, thick hair and help the hair hold the desired shape without drooping or falling.

Consumers should also check the manufacturer's predicted heat-up time wait before selecting their professional ceramic curling iron. Irons which require longer than one minute to achieve maximum heat often maintain lower temperatures overall. The best products available can reach 430° F (221° C) in under 60 seconds and remain at the preset temperature throughout the styling process.


Those who use their irons daily may benefit from a professional ceramic curling iron which features a separate switch for turning the unit on and off. Some irons combine the on and off switch with the temperature setting. Users must select their desired heating temperature each time they use the iron, and must either lose the setting when they turn the unit off or risk unplugging it while still on. Professional grade products provide two separate control features which allow the user to choose her preferred heat setting and leave the dial at that location while still turning the unit on and off daily.

Some professional ceramic curling irons incorporate a swivel cord for added safety. The cord, when plugged into an outlet, turns on a swivel base that is attached to the iron. As the user is changing the position and direction of the iron, the cord turns gradually to adjust and remain flat. This feature eliminates cord tangles and prevents it from dragging on the floor, catching on furniture in the bathroom, or looping dangerously around sink faucets.


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