How do I Choose the Best Pro Bono Child Support Lawyer?

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When you want to choose the best pro bono child support lawyer, you may have to start with a search to find pro bono lawyers who are willing to take on your type of case. Then, you may compare lawyers based on your personal preferences, including such factors as experience, reputation, age, and gender. You may also consider a lawyer’s communication style and confidence level when making a choice. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the lawyer you choose must also select you as a client. Each lawyer may have unique criteria for choosing pro bono clients.

Your first step in the search process may be finding attorneys who offer pro bono services in your area. Most lawyers don’t actively advertise for pro bono work, so you may have to do some research on your own. For example, you may call bar associations and lawyer referral services to find attorneys who are willing to take on cases in family law without charge. You may also find family lawyers online or in a phone directory and compile a list of names and contact numbers. Then, you can contact the lawyers on your list to learn whether they are willing to take on your child support case.


Part of choosing the best pro bono child support lawyer may be deciding the type of lawyer with whom you will feel most comfortable. In general, it is best to choose a lawyer who has both significant experience with child support cases and a good reputation. You may also, for example, prefer an attorney who is male or feel more comfortable with a female lawyer. You might decide that you’d prefer an older, well-seasoned professional or a young, up-and-comer. Choosing an attorney with whom you will feel comfortable is important, as you may need to share sensitive information with him and feel confident about following his advice.

Arranging a consultation with may also prove helpful when you are trying to make the best choice. You can ask questions at this consultation and learn whether the lawyer feels that you have a strong case. This consultation may help you determine whether the lawyer has a communication style with which you are comfortable as well as confidence in his ability to help you with your case. If a lawyer has a less-confident demeanor or attitude, you may not feel secure in entrusting your case to him.

While you may go through a process of choosing the best pro bono child support lawyer, it is important to understand that the lawyer you prefer has to choose you as well. Pro bono lawyers don’t usually have to take every case that is presented to them, and the lawyer you want may decide whether to take on your case based on his interest in it and his current availability. Additionally, he may have other criteria for taking on non-paying clients. For example, he may only take on clients who are unable to pay.


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Legal aid agencies often have leads for clients who can't afford attorneys' fees. Though it may not be possible to find a pro bono child support lawyer, clients may be able to find one that offers reasonable fees or payment plans.

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I have a friend who found a pro bono lawyer who specializes in child support cases at the college where she was taking classes. The lawyer was new to practicing law, but she was very good because she was passionate about fighting for child support.

I think that looking for a young pro bono child support lawyer is the best plan, because many new attorneys are looking for ways to prove themselves. They also still have that desire to help change the world, an attitude that often diminishes after lawyers have faced years of dealing with difficult cases.

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