How do I Choose the Best Prescription Eyeglasses?

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To choose the best prescription eyeglasses, begin by visiting an optometrist for a thorough exam. He or she will be able to determine your prescription, as well as if your lenses need to be bifocal or progressive, for example. An optometrist can also help you determine whether you need prescription sunglasses as well, or should purchase color-changing or anti-reflective lenses for your standard prescription eyeglasses. Once the prescription has determined, you may choose the frame you like.

It is important to choose prescription eyeglasses that flatter the size and shape of your face. Some common face shapes include oval, round, square, and heart-shaped, each of which may look best with different glasses. In addition, it is important to consider the width of your face; keep in mind that prescription eyeglasses that are slightly wide may improve the look of a long, narrow face, but glasses that are too small on a square or round face can often make the head look even bigger.


It is sometimes recommended that one choose prescription eyeglasses that are the opposite shape of one's face. For example, if one has a wide, square face, one might choose round or oval glasses to soften the face, whereas someone with a long, oval face might choose square or cat's eye shaped glasses to give the face more angles. People with a very round face might choose longer, narrow square or oval frames. Someone with a wide forehead and a narrow chin could choose rimless eyeglasses to keep the face from looking imbalanced.

The shape of the prescription eyeglasses is only one consideration. Be sure they fit well across the bridge of the nose and behind the ears without sliding. In addition, select the colors based on your skin coloring, as well as the type of clothing and jewelry you usually wear. For instance, if you always wear silver jewelry, you may not want to purchase prescription eyeglasses with gold accents. Tortoiseshell frames and black frames tend to be the most neutral, and look best on dark haired people.

Of course, there are may different colors and styles available. Brightly colored frames may help to bring out the eyes, or might coordinate with a favorite color that you often wear. The eyeglasses you wear every day can be just another way to display your personal style, and should accent your face and eyes rather than disguise them, so keep that in mind when making your selection.


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