How do I Choose the Best Pranic Healing Course?

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A basic pranic healing course should be sufficient for those who would like to learn the fundamentals of pranic healing. If you want to become a qualified pranic healer you should choose a pranic healing course that covers the basic and advanced levels and offers certification with the Anish Institute for Inner Studies (AIIS). There are also additional courses such as pranic psychotherapy, pranic crystal healing, and pranic self healing. Also consider the amount of time you are willing to devote to study and honing your skills, as well as the costs involved.

A basic, or elementary, pranic healing course is a good option for those who want to learn the techniques, but do not plan to practice professionally. The course includes techniques on how to clear energy blockages and how to energize the aura once the blockages have been removed. If you want to become a certified pranic healer, you should complete all three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced. The intermediate pranic healing course includes instruction in pranic breathing, and visual concentration may be included as well. Advanced level pranic healing courses deal with the gradual development of the student's psychic abilities and enable the student to work on more challenging cases.


Consider your goals and the area in which you would like to practice, as additional pranic healing courses can help you specialize in one or more techniques. Pranic psychotherapy courses are offered for students who want to learn how to treat emotional and mental problems using pranic healing. The way to include crystals in a healing session, to enhance the healing energies, is taught in pranic crystal healing courses. Self healing is another important aspect of pranic healing and can be studied on its own to allow the student to heal him or herself.

You should consider the amount of time spent in instruction and also how long it might take to fully master the techniques. Elementary courses and intermediate courses generally include three to five sessions, and a student may require a few months' practice to master the techniques. An advanced course offers around five instruction sessions as well, but once the techniques have been practiced it may take the student up to two years to be able to correctly diagnose and treat patients. Advanced level students are also required to complete an examination and a minimum of 25 case studies ip order to be certified by the Anish Institute for Inner Studies. This can add to the amount of time required to become certified.

The costs involved tend to differ from one pranic healing course to the next, so try to find a course that is affordable but that also offers proper instruction. Pranic healing courses might seem somewhat expensive because of the number of sessions required, but when compared to conventional full-time qualifications, it can be a more affordable alternative. Extra costs should be considered as well, especially the cost of having to travel to workshops.


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