How do I Choose the Best Potty Training Pants?

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Choosing the best potty training pants for your child is a matter of weighing the pros and cons of designs on the market and deciding which features you prefer. For instance, to save money, you may decide upon reusable potty training pants, which are typically made of cotton or another cloth material. Disposable potty training pants will cost more, but allow you the freedom of not having to launder them. There are other features to consider as well, but the best way to pick the right style for your toddler is to do some research. Getting the right fit is just as important as the style you choose, so be sure to consider your child's weight and size when making a final decision.

When it is time to potty train your child, you must choose a potty training chair, reward method, and potty training pants that will make him want to cooperate in the process. Choose potty training pants you are reasonably sure your child will like and wear. If the child does not like his potty training pants, the training process could be delayed.

Disposable potty training pants are created for little boys and for little girls. There also are unisex training pants, though these may not be the best choice for a few reasons. Potty training pants made specifically for boys and girls are designed with their physical differences in mind. Children also may prefer training pants that are designed especially for their gender.


Choosing a style of potty training pants that can be easily pulled on and off will also give your little one a sense of independence. Be sure to choose a style that offers easy access for little hands to grasp. Most disposable pants are made this way. Be sure the product states that it is leak proof, as this is a feature you will definitely need.

If you use cloth training pants to save the expense of buying disposable potty training pants, there are some things to keep in mind. Choose a material that is breathable and absorbent. You may also prefer a waterproof type. Keep in mind that if you use reusable cloth pants, you'll be doing frequent washings. As with disposables, be certain the cloth training pants can be easily removed by the child, so he may be encouraged in the potty training process.


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