How do I Choose the Best Postal Credit Union?

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In order to choose the best postal credit union, you must first understand how a postal credit union works. These are cooperative financial institutions which are controlled and owned by their members. The primary reasons credit unions exist are to provide credit to members at a very reasonable rate and help develop the local community with specialized loan programs. This means that choosing the best postal credit union will require you to think about location, accessibility and contribution.

The first important factor in your decision is the location of the postal credit union. These institutions are owned and operated by the local members, so you will want one which is within your own community if you plan to take an active part in ownership. Choosing a local credit union also ensures you are helping local business owners, homeowners and even farmers. Another important reason to choose a credit union close to you is simple convenience.

Another thing that anyone should think of when choosing the best postal credit union is the legal requirement status. While they are similar to non-government organizations, which are non-profit in nature, postal credit unions are also governed by state and federal laws to ensure that each member's rights are legally protected and enforced by the government. This is also a safety net against the potentiality of abuse, which has been recorded in some unions in the country. It does, however, affect who is eligible to become a member of the union.


Although it may not be important to every member, learning the types of community contributions the postal credit unions make will help you get an idea of the type of organization you are joining. As they are governed by members, many unions will have a significant positive impact on the local community. Some, however, do very little in the way of building up communities and increasing local economy and instead focus on their own earnings. These type of unions may not treat their members very well.

Ask your coworkers, family members and friends who are eligible for postal unions who they go through and why. While their needs might be different than yours, this round of questioning will give you an inside look of your options to start your search in the right direction. From there you can find the best credit union for your needs.


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