How Do I Choose the Best POS Receipt Printer?

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Point of sales (POS) systems are used by businesses all around the world. These types of systems did not become popular until after the 1990s, during which the first point of sales software was created. Once the software was introduced to the public, many businesses began discovering the benefits associated with utilizing the different hardware components found within the system, including receipt printers. Receipt printers are used for a number of business activities, including providing customers with a record of their transactions. When it comes to choosing the best POS receipt printer, a business owner should consider the printer’s brand, its compatibility with operating systems, and how much money he or she prefers to spend.

In 2011, thermal printers and dot-matrix printers were the most commonly found POS receipt printers on the market. Most major receipt printer manufacturers offer both types. Many of these manufacturers also offer their products in a number of models, providing business owners with a variety of choices. There are even some manufacturers that offer both POS hardware and software in a bundled package, which includes software programming, printer(s), a PC, and more. Many business owners find it advantageous to purchase a bundled package, as this makes setup and utilization of the POS system very simple.


Compatibility is one of the main areas to evaluate when effectively choosing what POS receipt printer to purchase. The printer should be compatible with whatever operating system is run on the connected PC. Most POS receipt printers will connect to a computer through a USB port. If a USB port is not an option, a business owner should make sure he or she purchases a printer that can be connected through a parallel or serial port or wirelessly.

The amount of money a business owner prefers to spend plays a significant part in choosing the best POS receipt printer. Some owners select a dot-matrix printer because it is less expensive than a thermal printer, but it should be noted that this type can become costly because it uses ink ribbons and pins. The print quality of a thermal printer extremely improved during the first part of the 21st century, and, even though it is more expensive than a dot-matrix printer, many business owners have been able to slightly reduce their printing expenses by utilizing this type of POS receipt printer.


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