How do I Choose the Best Portion Bowls?

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Practicing portion control is a great way to diet and lose weight, and portion bowls can be an easy way to help with this process. To choose the best portion bowls, it is best to choose bowls of a few different sizes; not all portions will be exactly the same, so only purchasing tiny bowls might backfire if you then want to have two or three helpings rather than just one. In addition, consider how easy it is to determine portion size by using the bowls.

Some portion bowls have markings on the side that can indicate the number of ounces or cups of food in the bowl. Others are simply one cup size, for example, which may be equivalent to one serving size of the food you are eating. Consider the types of foods you want to portion out into bowls when you are purchasing them; for instance, vegetables, cereal, or snacks like potato chips can all be easily portioned into bowls so you can enjoy a single serving. This is also very helpful for people who are counting calories and need to know exactly how much they've eaten.


Again, purchase portion bowls of varying sizes if necessary. You might want to have a larger bowl in order to have a few servings of vegetables, for example. Just be sure to choose the correct size bowl when you are selecting a specific food. It is up to you to determine the serving size of the food, and then measure accordingly; in general, serving sizes might be much less than you expect, simply because people are often used to eating huge portions of food. These portion bowls can help prevent that - once you have eaten what is in the bowl, do not go back into the kitchen for more.

Other considerations when choosing portion bowls include microwave and dishwasher safety; be sure to check the bowls to determine if they are sturdy enough to be put into the dishwasher or microwave. Oven-safe portion bowls might allow you to bake individual meals in the bowls; this can be a great way for the whole family to keep their portion sizes down. Of course, some people might also choose these bowls based on the decor of their home; there are many different designs of dishes available both in stores and online that can match an existing dish pattern or just start a new one.


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