How do I Choose the Best Porch Table?

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When choosing a porch table, it is important to consider the space where the porch table must fit and the various purposes that the table will serve. Size is especially important because a small porch can be overpowered or difficult to use if one chooses a table that is too large for the space. Purpose is also important because a porch table should be versatile. If a porch table will be used as a place for casual dining, entertaining, and leisure time, then it should lend itself well to all of these purposes. Size, expandability, and the style of the table will all inform the various uses of a porch table.

Before shopping for a table, first measure the space where the table must fit and also begin to collect tear sheets from magazines, catalogs, and websites. If one is interested in choosing a porch table that expands, it is important to take multiple measurements for the various possible lengths and widths of the table. Tear sheets are a useful way of beginning to choose a style, color, and fabrication for a porch table.


If a table is being purchased for an enclosed porch such as a sun room, then almost any kind of table that suits the practical and aesthetic needs of the owner will suffice. If the table will be kept on a porch that is open to the elements, then it is necessary to choose a table that will stand up to these forces. Wooden porch tables must be treated to resist water, which can cause rot. Metal tables should be treated to resist rust. In order to get the best quality, it is wise to purchase a porch table from a company that is known for making good outdoor furniture.

In addition to choosing the best porch table, it is also important to choose the best accoutrement for that table. If the table will be kept on a patio instead of a porch, then it may be best to choose a table that comes with an umbrella that will offer a bit of shade to those seated at the table. It is also important to choose chairs that work well with the table, both practically and aesthetically. The chairs should offer a comfortable sitting height in relationship to the table and should also work well in relationship to each other. Large chairs can crowd a small porch table.


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