How do I Choose the Best Porch Swing?

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While the front porch swing declined in popularity after the advent of air conditioning, this simple and practical seating option is making a comeback in many areas of the world. Suspended from supports along the ceiling of the porch, the swing often provides a restful place to visit with friends, read, or just enjoy the fresh air. Choosing the best front porch swing depends a great deal on the size of the porch, the stability of the ceiling area, and the amount of money the consumer can afford to invest in the swing itself.

Older homes typically feature full-sized porches that can easily accommodate a front porch swing that will held up to four people comfortably. Newer homes may include porches that are somewhat smaller. Since the idea behind a front porch swing is to be able to gently swing back and forth while in a seated position, it is important to make sure the dimensions of the porch not only include room for the swing but also room for the swinging. With a larger porch, a full-sized swing will work well; for smaller porches, a simple two-seater front porch swing may be the best idea.


While a traditional front porch swing is suspended by chains attached to an overhear beam, some homes do not include the reinforced porch ceilings needed to adequately support the swing and the people who would occupy the swing from time to time. If this is the case, it is possible to purchase a swing frame that serves as the support for the swing. One benefit to this approach is that the swing can easily be situated anywhere on the porch, without the need to anchor the seating based on where the overhead supports are placed.

Today, the question of whether to go with a wooden front porch swing or a metal front porch swing is a common issue. For homes with more traditional porches, the look and feel of a wooden swing will often be preferable. As long as the swing is constructed with treated wood, it will hold up well over many years of use. At the same time, if the homeowner wants to go for a more contemporary look, a metal swing that is designed with a little scrollwork may provide just the look he or she wants. In addition, metal swings are easy to clean and tend to last longer than their more wooden counterparts.

As with most purchases, price is often a factor when selecting a front porch swing. While it is possible to purchase relatively inexpensive models, keep in mind the materials used in the construction may not hold up well to different weather conditions. This will shorten the life of the swing, making it necessary to replace it more often. While it may cost a little more to purchase a front porch swing what is made with quality wood or metal, you will actually save money in the long run.


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