How do I Choose the Best Porch Furniture?

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To choose the best porch furniture, first think of what it will be used for as well as how many people will be regularly sitting or dining on your patio. For instance, a covered porch that is a regular location for card games as well as family dinners will need different furniture than a roofless patio area for two people to sit out on during breakfast. In determining your best porch furniture, budget as well as weather conditions and overall looks should be considered.

For example, if you'd like an airy look for your porch, wrought iron openwork tables and chairs are a better choice than solid wood. The dark color of wrought iron porch furniture is also a good choice if the surrounding materials are lighter to provide contrast. Wrought iron is also much more sturdy and elegant than plastic tables and chairs.


Plastic outdoor furniture is a lot less expensive, but doesn't usually last as long as quality metal pieces. The look of plastic, or resin, porch furniture is also very informal. If you want inexpensive, casual outdoor pieces that won't necessarily last for years, then plastic furniture may work for your porch. Otherwise, if your budget allows, investing in good quality metal seating and tables that will last a long time may be a better idea. If your porch is open to the elements, you may need to refinish metal outdoor furniture, but this is usually just a matter of scraping the pieces and applying a new rust-proof paint finish.

Wood porch furniture can be a good choice in dry outdoor areas. If your porch allows rain to come in, the chance of wooden furniture pieces warping or rotting may not be worth it. However, if your outdoor area is covered and mainly dry, wood tables and chairs can add a warm, welcoming look to a porch. Plus, there are many different stains from light to dark available so you can find the most complementary one to your home's exterior color. Or, you may want painted wood furniture in your favorite color for a unique, personalized feel to your outdoor living space.

Aside from the materials and finish, the size and number of furniture pieces on your porch should also be considered. The best way to do this is to think about how you and the rest of your household uses the outdoor space. This can be a good guide to the size and type of tables as well as seating you need. Some people prefer recliners, while others will want a porch swing. The main consideration is that all of the porch furniture you choose coordinates well together and works for your needs, whether that is dining, entertaining and/or just relaxing.


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