How Do I Choose the Best Porch Blinds?

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The right porch blinds can help you get the most out of an outdoor living area. Porch window covers need to provide privacy and protection from the elements. Since they may be visible from the street, this porch decor ought to be attractive and aesthetically pleasing. The material needs to be weatherproof, especially if the porch design is partially open. It should be easy to remove porch curtains because they need to be cleaned from time to time.

Porch blinds are more difficult to see through if they are of a solid construction rather than slatted. Vinyl, wood, and bamboo blinds are often made this way, so you might want to consider one of these material options. You may want to stand some distance away from the blinds to see if you are able to see through them. An added advantage to using a solid blind is that it also blocks sunlight and wind, so you might want to note how much light and air is transmitted through the coverings.


You could want to consider using similar materials as the exterior because this can help the coverings blend in well with the siding. If your home is made from wood, bamboo or wooden blinds could be ideal, but vinyl might be better if your house is vinyl-sided. It may not be possible to choose the same material if your abode is made from brick or metal, in which case you should concentrate on colors that go with the shutters, trim, and shingles.

Certain features of bamboo, vinyl, and wood make porch blinds more capable of withstanding harsh weather. Since these units may be exposed to precipitation, wooden or bamboo blinds should be coated with polyurethane first. Vinyl blinds that have tiny holes throughout and somewhat resemble a net allows air and water to flow through them, reducing the possibility of mold and mildew. Colored models often fade when exposed to sunlight, so buying those with a protective ultraviolet (UV) coating can be a good idea.

If you are able to find a display model, you may want to look at how the porch blinds are attached to its brackets. This can give you a better idea of how difficult it might be to remove them and hang them back up during spring and fall cleaning. If the units are extremely wide, this is normally be awkward to do, so choosing two narrower blinds rather than a wider one could be a better choice.


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