How Do I Choose the Best Porcelain Set?

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Whether you are choosing a porcelain set that includes dinnerware, cookware, or collectible figurines, there are several factors that could influence your decision. Decide whether you prefer a porcelain set of dishes for practical everyday use or something more ornate for special occasions. A porcelain set for everyday use should not be delicate and fragile. If you're looking for a set with intricate styling and design, you can order directly from a manufacturer or specialty store. Consider other factors as well, such as cost and special care for your pieces.

Porcelain pieces may be used frequently or placed in a cabinet for display only. If you plan on keeping your porcelain set for display purposes, it might not matter as much if the pieces are dainty and delicate. If, however, you plan on using the set regularly, you'll want to choose porcelain that will stand up to frequent use and washings. Before you buy any porcelain set, inquire about care instructions.

Determine how much money you are willing to spend on your porcelain set. If this is not a major factor for you, there are many elaborate designs and styles of porcelain imported from various countries. Decide whether you'd prefer a porcelain set that was hand crafted in Germany, Asia, or Great Britain. In addition to patterns and designs, solid white is a popular choice for tea sets and dinnerware.


Perhaps you are looking to buy a porcelain dish set to be used only at Christmas time. Porcelain dinnerware sets with holiday designs are readily available. You might be able to find a set at an auction, either online or in person. Specialty shops and department stores generally display these specialty porcelain sets at holiday time as well. Porcelain dinnerware sets designed with a Thanksgiving theme are another popular style.

Porcelain collectibles such as dolls, music boxes, and figurines are often found in sets. If you're looking for porcelain collectibles primarily for display, you can select from vintage or modern pieces. If you're buying used pieces, be sure to inspect them carefully. Flaws such as chips or cracks can reduce the value of your porcelain collectible sets.

If you are buying handmade, limited edition porcelain, try to obtain a certificate of authenticity (COA). Many porcelain doll sets include a COA that is hand signed by the artist who created them. A COA that is signed and numbered may increase the value of your porcelain sets.


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