How do I Choose the Best Pool Deck Pavers?

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There are several factors to consider when choosing the best pool deck pavers for accenting an in-ground pool, such as the durability of the product, the intended final appearance of the deck, and the general maintenance requirement of the paving material. Safe materials for a pool deck are concrete, brick, or stone, as all of these materials can be treated to provide a slip resistant surface, which is crucial for pool deck use. These materials are also available in a wide variety of colors and patterns and are easily adapted to fit in with any pool decor. Many homeowners choose to add pool deck pavers to their poolside areas to protect the pool itself from debris such as grass and dirt, as well as to add a feeling of luxury and beauty to their outside recreation space.

One of the first factors many people consider when choosing pool deck pavers is the durability of the material. It is important that the material is durable enough to withstand years of foot traffic, weather conditions, and water exposure. Selecting the appropriate type of paver material will also depend on the type of water treatment used in the pool, such as the traditional chlorine or newer salt purification systems. Consumers are encouraged to seek the advice of the home improvement store staff for the best options to suit their individual needs.


Most homeowners are also very interested in the appearance of the various pool deck pavers during the selection process. Clients may choose to either install the chosen pavers themselves or hire a professional contractor to ensure the project is done correctly. Especially for designs that are intricate or require special experience, many pool owners choose to hire experienced contractors. Regardless of the material used, most pool pavers are available in a variety of colors and may have either a smooth finish or a rougher, more rustic appearance and feel.

Pool deck pavers will most likely be a part of the family's outdoor yard space for a long time, and it is common for homeowners to consider the maintenance requirements of the paving products. Fortunately, common materials used for paver manufacturing, require minimal maintenance. Most experts recommend sweeping the surface regularly to clean the pavers as well as to keep debris away from the water and filter system of the pool. If the pool deck surface becomes stained or incredibly dirty, a pressure washer can be used to remove the offending substance.


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