How do I Choose the Best Pool Cleaner?

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Choosing the best pool cleaner is often a question of which pool vacuum would be best for a particular pool. While the pool pump, pool covers and pool chemicals all play a role in the overall cleanliness of the pool, it is the vacuum that is responsible for getting rid of the most unsightliness. Answering the question concerning the best pool cleaner is largely dependent on the time an individual wants to put into it, and how much money they are willing to spend.

Typically, the cheapest type of pool cleaners are those that are handled manually. These tend to be the most inexpensive simply because they have the lowest amount of technology in them. The power and decisions are all made by the user. Even though they are the least expensive option, some may consider them to be the most effective type of pool cleaner. This is because machines cannot replace the human eye's skill at thoroughness.

However, in order for the manual pool cleaner to be effective, it must be used at least once or twice a week. This can be a problem for someone who is away often or on a busy schedule. While pool services can help, they can also be a very expensive, ongoing cost.


An automatic pool cleaner is another type of device that may be used. These depend on suction and perhaps a little water flow to move throughout the pool. They creep around the bottom of the pool at random. The thoroughness of the job is simply determined by the amount of time they spend in the pool. Even without a designated plan, they can usually do a good job simply because, even with random operation, they will be able to hit all areas of the bottom over time.

The robotic pool cleaner is the most technologically advanced. This type of cleaner will uses a computer chip to map out the pool bottom and will self-program a cleaning pattern. A pattern can also be manually programmed into the robotic pool cleaner. This ensures that all areas of the pool get covered and is especially helpful in pools that have unusual shapes, which may keep some automatic cleaners from reaching certain areas as frequently.

It is important to remember that even the best pool cleaner is only one part of proper swimming pool maintenance. Proper chemicals must still be added, and those chemicals must be regularly tested. Algae treatments may be needed and skimming should still be done.


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Post 3

I was reading an article the other day about how people tend to get very fond of robots, even plainly mindless robots like the little hoover ones you can get for your house now. They will do things like talking to them, and lifting barriers out of their way even though they are made to be able to go around them.

I wonder if people can get the same kind of attachment to a robotic pool cleaner. It's essentially the same thing, only a mermaid version, after all.

Post 2

@browncoat - The other thing to consider is that swimming pools and accessories tend to be the kind of industry where they are always hawking the latest and greatest new thing. And when companies are constantly coming out with new products, it can sometimes make it difficult to get parts for the old ones.

If you've got a really good warranty, that includes the pool cleaner parts as well as the total machine, then you've got nothing to worry about, because if they can't get the parts to repair it, they will just give you a new one.

It has to be a pretty good warranty, of course and if your pool cleaner breaks down it would have to be within the time period.

Post 1
The thing that I would keep in mind while looking for a pool cleaner is how long the warranty will hold for.

If you are using anything in water for a long time, there is a great likelihood that it is going to break eventually. You will want to make sure you aren't going to have to shell out hundreds of dollars every year to buy a new pool cleaner, when that money might have been better spent on hiring a pool cleaner.

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