How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Tights?

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In order to choose the best plus size tights, you should take into consideration your size, the opacity of the tights as well as their quality and affordability. Tights that bag, sag, and tear easily are unattractive and uncomfortable, so it is important to select good quality tights. You may also need to try out several different brands until you find one that produces affordable tights that fit you properly.

You may find that you have better luck finding plus size tights by working with a plus size retailer. Not all plus size clothing stores carry hosiery, but those that do typically carry brands that are designed with plus size figures in mind. As a result, the plus size tights they carry may be better proportioned for your body. Still, sizing often varies by brand, so it is wise to try on tights before you buy them. Plus size tights that are too small around the hips can end up causing embarrassment by eventually rolling themselves off your body.


Another consideration is opacity. If you are looking for tights that are very opaque, you should be aware that the appearance of the tights in the package may be deceiving. Again, try the tights on or check the label to see if they are advertised as opaque. Pay attention to the thickness of the tights as well. While thick tights may be opaque, they may also be too warm in some seasons. If you cannot find tights that are opaque enough for your needs, consider buying a pair of plus size leggings as an alternative.

Consider costs when buying tights. Tights can vary in price, though one often ends up paying more for good quality. You should also keep in mind that some stores do not include hosiery or undergarments in sales promotions, so you may either need to pay full price or wait for a special hosiery sale at your favorite shop. One way to save money when buying plus size tights is to purchase tights that also double as supportive undergarments. These types of tights allow you to get the effect of two garments while only paying for one.

Finally, consider buying plus size tights that match your clothing, or at least the bottom half of your outfit. For example, wearing a black skirt or dress with black tights and black shoes can make you look both taller and leaner. Textured or patterned tights can, in some cases, make your legs look shorter, which may not be the look you want.


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