How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Teenage Clothing?

Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best plus size teenage clothing, it's important to shop in junior's stores. Adult clothes made for larger figures can look too "old" for a teen as well as have too loose of a fit. In general, plus size junior's clothing tends to be cut slightly smaller as well as be more fashionable than adult options for fuller figures. When choosing plus size teenage clothing, it's important to look for a flattering, functioning wardrobe rather than pieces that are just fashionable.

Plus size clothing is available in many stores and online.
Plus size clothing is available in many stores and online.

It's best to only choose fashionable plus size clothing that really flatters and make up the difference in a wardrobe with basic pieces. Adding trendy jewelry and other accessories to basic pants and t-shirts can keep a full figured teen looking and feeling stylish. Also, basic staple clothing pieces can still be mixed, such as pairing a trendy top with jeans already in the wardrobe.

Women and juniors who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.
Women and juniors who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.

A plus size teen should spend some time trying on different outfits to find the colors, necklines and other features that look best on him or her. Doing this in stores can then make it easier to order plus size teenage clothing online. When shopping online, the measurements given for each clothing piece should be the focus when trying to get the right fit, rather than just the size number alone.

Cottons and other natural fiber materials tend to be the best choice for plus size figures. These materials are more porous than synthetics, which may help reduce sweating. Natural fiber plus size clothing is often more comfortable and easier to move in. Buying cotton pieces of different weights can really stretch the functioning of a wardrobe by using a layering approach. For example, a cotton sleeveless top and long sleeved t-shirt may be worn separately or layered together in cooler weather.

As a general rule, clothing that smoothly skims over the body is the best choice for plus size figures. Clothes that are too tight may accentuate bulges, while pieces that are too loose tend to look sloppy and visually increase body size. Proportion is key when choosing plus size teenage clothing. Tops should cover the stomach area, but if they are too long the legs may look shorter which can create an ill-proportioned look. Pants with a gentle taper or flare toward the bottom are usually much more flattering on plus size teens than peg-leg or skinny leg jean styles.

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Honestly, I don't think plus size apparel for any age is easy to buy. "Trendy" plus size clothes tend to just try to follow the trends that look best on really thin or otherwise petite women.

And teenage plus size clothing is the worst, since teenage girls are always trying to wear crazier things, at least it seems like that to me.


@widget2010- You make a good point. Many teens go through an awkward body phase, and I think almost all teen clothing is designed in a way that makes teenagers, especially girls, feel even worse about themselves.

I think advice about finding something to fit your shape is good for any girl or woman, no matter what age. Just remember that it could change; girls grow until they are aged 16-18, and things like hips and chests can keep naturally growing until age 25 or so. So accept that if you are younger than that, your shape and size may change without you trying.


When I was a teenager, I wasn't plus size but I had a lot of weight issues- I grew in all the wrong places at once, was and am short and small boned, was really insecure with my body, and was overweight until college.

Even with my slight weight problem, though, I had a lot of trouble finding anything in the teen and junior clothing sections that fit me at all, let alone looked good.

My only advice for plus size teens is to first of all *not* let your mother dress you -- my mom tried to get me to shop in misses' for awhile when I was 12 and 13, and it made me feel even worse to be wearing clothes made for women in their 40s -- and second, to find your good point and embrace it. If you are tall, find things to emphasize height. If you have a good chest or a small waist, try to wear belts or scooping necklines. Not everyone looks good in everything, and that's hard to accept when you're a teenager.

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