How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Sweater?

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In order to choose the best plus size sweater, decide first whether you want a pullover or cardigan style sweater. From there, you will need to choose other details, such as the color, sleeve length, sweater weight, and fabric. In addition to style choices, choosing the best sweater is a matter of finding one that flatters your figure, fits comfortably, and enhances your wardrobe.

When looking for a plus size sweater in a cardigan style, there are several choices to make in order to select the right one. Cardigan sweaters can have either buttons or a zipper or it can wrap around and be tied with a belt. There are lightweight, medium weight, and heavy weight sweaters to choose from. Material should be considered, as the material not only determines the weight of the sweater but the care requirements as well.

Many styles of pullover plus size sweater are also available. Pullovers can have a V-neck, crew neck, turtle neck, or scoop neck. Choosing the neckline is important, as it determines the style, fit and overall look of the sweater. Sleeve lengths also vary and include short sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves, and long sleeves. Choose the type of neckline and sleeve length that you are most comfortable wearing and that is the most flattering.


Like cardigans, pullovers come in different weights and are made from different materials. Wool, polyester, and cotton are commonly used for making sweaters. Some sweaters, like acrylic blends or knits, are usually machine washable, but other materials, such as wool, are not. Clothing that is machine washable is easier to care for than clothing that needs special care, such as hand washing or dry cleaning.

Fit is an important aspect when choosing plus size clothing. Finding a sweater that fits you properly is essential, as ill-fitting clothes are seldom flattering to any figure. Clothes that don't fit well can also be uncomfortable to wear. The best way to find sweaters that fit is to try them on, determine how they fit, and see how they look on you.

Online shopping is another option for purchasing a plus size sweater. With online shopping you have the convenience of shopping and trying the clothes on in the comfort of your own home. The downside, however, is that you are not able to see or feel the material the sweater is made from before ordering, and if it does not meet your expectations or fit properly, you may need to return it at your own expense.

The color and design of the sweater are other choices you will need to make. Both cardigans and pullovers come in a wide array of colors. Some sweaters are embroidered or have appliqu&eacutes on them, while others are plain or solid-colored. If you are purchasing the plus size sweater for a special occasion, such as a wedding or party, you may want something fancy with a design or embellishments. For everyday wear, however, such as in the office, you may want a solid colored sweater that can be worn anywhere and will match other items in your wardrobe.


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