How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Slip?

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When shopping for a plus size slip, it's a good idea to be conscious of the garment size, construction, and color. The price of plus size lingerie can vary considerably between manufacturers and retailers, so you will also want to think about your budget before you go shopping. It may be to your advantage to select a slip that not only provides coverage under sheer clothing, but also acts as a compression garment, giving you a smoother, leaner silhouette. It is important that you try on a plus size slip before you buy it, not only to make sure that it fits you properly, but also because you want it to look good under the skirt or dress you wish to pair it with.


Most women are aware of two types of slips: the full slip and the half slip. A full slip hangs from your shoulders and covers your entire body, while a half slip hangs from your waist and provides coverage for your lower half. Look at the garment or garments that you will be wearing with the slip to determine whether you need full or half coverage. Another thing to consider is that a full slip may not fit you correctly if the top half of your body is significantly smaller or larger than your lower half. In such cases, you may wish to purchase a half slip and then a matching camisole, each sized to properly fit your body. When checking the size of a slip, you should also pay attention to its length, as you don't want it to hang out from under the hem of your skirt or dress.

The color of your plus size slip is also of significant concern. If you are wearing a white garment, you may wish to choose a white slip. The disadvantages of white undergarments is that they can become dingy and may be very obvious when worn under non-white garments. Some individuals find that beige slips are more versatile and work well with a greater range of clothing. A black slip is also a necessity if it is to be worn under black clothing.

In some cases, a plus size slip can double as shapewear. These slips tend to be made from synthetic fabrics that fit closely to the body and can constrain bulges and give the wearer a more becoming shape. These garments can often be more expensive than standard slips, but may end up reducing your overall costs, as you won't have to wear an additional garment, such as a girdle, along with a slip.


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