How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Belt?

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Choosing the right plus size belt is largely a matter of personal style. There are many stylized plus sized belts available to choose from. Finding a plus size belt that looks good and keeps your pants on or your dress closed is not as hard as it once was. Trying on the belt before purchasing will help ensure that it is both functional and fashionable.

For men, the size of the belt matches the actual length, while women’s belts are usually marked by a size. In the US, for example, women’s belts range in size from extra-small (XS) to extra-large (XL). XS is usually 24 inches (62 cm), and XL is typically 37 to 38 inches (94 - 98 cm). It’s important to know the right size, especially if you are not able to try the belt on, as when purchasing online. Companies often have their own sizing parameters, so you should check with the company selling the belt to verify what the size markings mean.

When choosing a belt, it’s best to buy one that is at least two inches larger than your waist or wherever you normally wear your belt. A big belt buckle will add length to the plus size belt, so consider that when checking the belt for size. For those that find their weight fluctuating, choosing a plus size belt that is made of a stretchable material or one which you can adjust the size, such as a chain-link belt, are good options.


A plus size belt that is thicker in width will typically look better than a thinner one, especially on women. Bigger belt buckles also highlight the figure more and can add a sense of size proportion. Belt variety is not often as vast for men as it is for women, simply because they are more often limited by the size of belt loops.

Plus size belts come in a large array of styles. Standard belts that come in leather or other similar material are the most common styles, but it is also possible to find a plus size belt in snakeskin or metallic chain-link. Many department and clothing stores, both online and brick and mortar locations, carry plus size belts, but there are also specialty stores that carry plus sized garments. If you can't find your size, some companies will create a custom belt upon request. Even if they don't list it as an available service, they may do it if you ask.


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Post 3

Belts for plus size women should really be as wide as possible, as it sort of cinches the waist in and creates a nice figure.

I also think it's best to have at least one black or plain colored belt so that you can use it with different kinds of clothes.

I know I'm always tempted to try and get a fancy looking belt, as they can be quite pretty, but a glittery or loud colored belt is only going to go with a couple of outfits and otherwise you won't be able to use it.

You're much better off looking for one which can be used every day and then get the fancy ones as extras.

Post 2

@pleonasm - That's a good point and it's particularly true for women who have arthritis or who might not have the same strength in their fingers that they used to.

Even if those belts don't tighten to a ridiculous degree, they are often difficult to remove and it's better to be safe than sorry when you are trying to get out of trousers in a restroom.

Post 1

One thing I think women don't take into consideration as much as they should when choosing a belt is that it needs to be easy to take off. This is particularly true of belts for plus sized women, as I have often experienced having a really nice belt with a really intricate method of fastening that becomes really difficult to take off when I'm in a hurry.

I'm thinking particularly of those belts which have a metal slider where two knobs catch in a rail and can be tightened with pressure.

If you are sitting down and the belt tightens too much it can be difficult to get it off again.

It's better to stick to belts which have a real buckle or other catch which doesn't tighten through pressure.

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