How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Apron?

K. K. Lowen

When purchasing a plus size apron, you may want to consider a number of factors in addition to the usual style and color options. It is a good idea to try on an apron before purchase to ensure that the garment fits easily over your head, offers an appropriate amount of coverage, and has tie strings of adequate length. Price may be an important factor as well.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The most important aspect to consider when purchasing a plus size apron is coverage. It may be a good idea to try on the apron to ensure that the fabric completely covers your clothing. When in doubt, choose the widest apron possible because it will provide better coverage, and the tie strings will allow you to tighten the apron as much as needed.

You may want to consider the apron length as well. Many aprons are knee-length, while others may reach mid-calf. Some large aprons are designed for tall people and are not wide enough to be a true plus size apron. Similarly, some plus size aprons may not be long enough to meet your needs.

Length of the tie strings is also important, and the best way to ensure a proper length is to tie the strings while trying on a plus size apron. The strings must be long enough to tie comfortably around the waist. Some people prefer strings long enough to wrap around the back and tie in the front. If you do not intend to tie the apron in the front, it may be a good idea to find an apron with wide strings. Wider strings may be easier to find and untie behind your back.

A plus size apron may cost more than a small apron because of the amount of fabric used. Thin aprons made from inexpensive fabric may cost less, but they may not offer enough protection for your clothing. You may want to decide how thick, water-resistant, and stain-resistant you want the apron to be, as each can increase the price.

Color, pattern, and style may be important to you as well. Function may be more important than style to many people, but fun colors and prints can brighten up a kitchen and provide an additional reason to wear an apron. Ruffles and busy patterns may not be as flattering to a plus size body, but they can add a playful touch to the apron. Some style elements may be functional as well, such as deep pockets on the skirt or a large pocket on the bib.

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@Mor - Aprons aren't always a practical garment. They aren't in fashion so much at the moment, but I think you could still get away with wearing them with the right kind of dress.

Sort of an addition to a pinafore dress.

It might not be the most trendy kind of plus size clothing though, as I think wearing a light colored apron could make you look larger.


@Iluviaporos - Well, I don't have any skill with the sewing machine myself, but there are quite a few people online who would be willing to sew a cute apron, or any kind of plus sized clothing for you if you asked, and of course paid their rate.

I know if you go on Etsy there are lots of aprons available and most of them can be made in any size you request, or with any additions that you request.

I think it's a good idea to make sure the apron is made of a good fabric, one that isn't going to stain easily and will be quick to dry.

Remember that an apron is a functional garment and needs to be able to work in the kitchen, rather than just look good.


As a plus sized woman I find the best way to get clothes that fit me properly, and in the style that I want, is to make them myself.

It's possible to get decent plus sized clothing from stores, but there's never much of a range, and I suspect the same would be true of plus sized aprons.

There must be plenty of plus size apron patterns online and even if there are, there would be average sized ones which could be modified to fit someone with a larger frame.

That way you can use whatever kind of fabric you want and add any kind of embellishment that you prefer. If you really want to get fancy, you could even send it in to be embroidered with patterns or perhaps screen printed with something clever.

There are some really funny aprons out there, which you could potentially copy if you wanted, or you could think of something original.

Heck, if you really come up with something good, your friends might even want their own unique apron.

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