How Do I Choose the Best Platform Wedding Shoes?

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It is a brave choice to wear platform wedding shoes on your wedding day, though many brides wear them to get a more dramatic look or simply to look taller. There are certainly some considerations you will want to keep in mind when choosing these towering shoes. Practical matters such as comfort and your ability to walk in them should be chief among your concerns. It is also important to try your shoes on with your wedding dress to make sure the height is correct. It is critical ensure that the shoes are well made and feature sturdy straps so they will hold up through dancing.

When choosing platform wedding shoes, it is essential that you try them on, so if you want to order shoes online be sure to get them from a place that accepts returns. As you try them on, walk around for a few minutes and make sure you can walk naturally and feel steady; you may even wish to take the to the actual wedding venue and walk on them there to be sure there are no surprises. The shoes should be comfortable and support your arches as well, otherwise you will be in a lot of pain by the end of the day. Check to make sure that the straps are not cutting into your feet, too, as this can lead to very painful blisters.


Your next step is try try your platform wedding shoes on with your wedding dress before you have it altered. If you alter your wedding dress in different shoes, and then get tall platforms, it could end up being too short. This is a good time to see if the shoes give you the look you want, or if you want a higher or lower heel. Regardless, do not alter the length of the dress until you are sure you have chosen the platform wedding shoes you'll be wearing on the big day.

There are a few other considerations to keep in mind when choosing platform wedding shoes as well. Be sure to check the quality, and make sure the straps are securely attached, otherwise they may break during a long day of walking and dancing. If you want to dye your shoes to match your wedding colors, be sure that the material is able to be dyed. Aside from these factors, the wedding shoes you choose are based on your personal preference and the style of dress you have; most people want to match the general look of their shoes to a dress for a cohesive, stylish look.


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