How Do I Choose the Best Pineapple Marinade?

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Nothing says summer like grilling out, and nothing makes grilled meats more delectable than a good marinade. Cooks who have grown tired of the same old marinade Mom used to make are discovering a world of alternatives. Pineapple marinade, once unheard of, is gaining in popularity in kitchens the world over. It’s one of the simplest marinades to mix up, and there are enough variations that every diner can find one that works best. Whether the family's best pineapple marinade is something gentle and a little sweet or one that's hot cha cha, anyone can put it together in just a handful of minutes.

Many other types of marinades require a long list of ingredients. Pineapple marinade can be as simple as just two or three additions to pineapple juice, and the results are a dream. Brown sugar and pineapple are best friends, so adding a little gives the pineapple juice a chance to show off its chops. A little oil is the only other requirement. The pineapple juice does a fine job of breaking down the meat’s connective tissues to tenderize it and suffuses it with flavor as well, but the oil is important so the meat doesn’t dry out or stick to the grill.


Of course, most cooks figure if a simple marinade is good, tossing in a few additions will make it awesome. Some kitchen maestros take advantage of pineapple’s Caribbean appeal by adding finely minced garlic. A squirt or two of lime offers dimension, and a few shakes of a tamarind-based meat sauce gives depth. A little rum helps the marinade achieve excellence and will make everyone want to jump up and applaud.

Some recipes call for honey instead of brown sugar, a little orange juice instead of lime juice, and soy sauce instead of tamarind. This pineapple marinade is especially yummy with chicken or pork chops or roasts. Garlic works well with this marinade too.

It’s easy to add heat to a pineapple marinade. A few shakes of hot sauce does the trick. For cooks who prefer the unadulterated original, chili, jalapeño, or another favorite type can join the fun.

Pineapple marinades can also be custom-made with whatever herbs the cook desires. Basil is one way to go, and cilantro is another. Some cooks like cloves, cinnamon, or some cardamom to add an Indian accent. Another way to add taste is with sherry, tequila, or fruit-infused vinegar.

A pineapple-based marinade is perfect for poultry and pork, but many cooks have discovered it works just as well with other types of meat. Steaks or beef roasts are extra yummy after they've gone swimming in these juices. Lamb, too, does very well with this marinade.


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Post 2

Pineapple juice all by itself make the perfect marinade for people who like to add a little sweetness to their meat. After marinading steaks, chicken, pork chops, or fish in pineapple juice for several hours, simply sprinkle it with salt and pepper before putting it on the grill, in the frying pan, or in the oven. If you have never tried this marinade, you will be pleasantly surprised with wonderful, sweet flavor it gives your meat recipes.

Post 1

Pineapple juice and teriyaki sauce make a fabulous marinade for just about any type of meat and fish. The combination goes very well together, because the boldness of the teriyaki sauce compliments the sweetness of the pineapple juice.

For added tangy and sweet flavor, you can also add a few teaspoons of balsamic vinegar and a little brown sugar to the mixture.

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