How do I Choose the Best Pine Chest?

Sheri Cyprus

There are many different types of pine chests available today. The best pine chest depends on the size, look and storage space you need in a room. A pine chest is also called a chest of drawers or a dresser and it's available in different finishes, heights, widths and styles.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

For rustic or country style decors, knotty pine chests are a good choice. They include the natural knots in the pine wood. Knotless pine chests are smooth and don't include the natural knots. Knotless pine is often used to make a chest of drawers that is painted white or another color. White chests can give a fresh look to a bedroom and are a good choice when the other furniture in the room such as the headboard isn't in a wood tone.

If the headboard and other furniture is in a wood tone and you want to add a pine chest, look for pine in a finish to match. Dark stained pine furniture may be more difficult to find than lighter to medium stained pine chests, but it is available. A good option is to buy an unfinished pine chest and stain it yourself to match your other furniture as closely as possible. Unfinished pine chests may also be painted in any color and doing this may work especially well for a child's room.

Tallboys, or tall pine chests, may be a good choice for adults' bedrooms. They make a good use of vertical space and are usually narrow enough to fit into corners. If your bedroom is small, this may be the ideal kind of pine chest to consider buying. Lowboys, or short pine chests, may have a mirror attached. Mirrors can give the illusion of a larger space, so pine dressers with mirrors can also be a great choice for small bedrooms.

If you need other bedroom furniture, you could consider buying a pine chest as part of a bedroom set that includes pieces such as a headboard and night stands. Pine night stands are also sold separately and some look like mini chests as they consist of two drawers. Other pine night tables have one drawer and an open shelf area. Two lowboy pine chests with a board finished to match placed on top can create a desk or dressing table when a chair is added to the furniture.

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My husband and I got a pine bedroom storage chest for our wedding, and I have to say that it's been our favorite gift that we got.

We still use it to store our winter blankets in the summer, and I also use it as my second desk when my first desk starts to reach critical mass.

I would definitely recommend anyone considering buying a pine chest to go for it -- just make sure you get a nice, high quality one, and you'll have a piece of furniture that will last you forever.


Thank you for this article -- I'm trying to decide on a bedroom set, and I've been looking at the loveliest pine blanket chest, but I was also really torn about whether to get the pine or a cedar chest that I saw the other day.

I was kind of leaning towards the cedar, since I actually know a little (a very little) about cedar furniture, but now after learning all this about pine I'm kind of tempted to go with the pine.

How would you really be able to know if an antique pine blanket chest is worth getting, or if it might be better to go with something a bit more modern? Can you advise me?


One of my favorite memories from going to my grandparent's house when I was little was this little solid pine chest of drawers that they kept in the room where I stayed.

Although I never specifically asked, I'm pretty sure that my grandfather made it himself -- he was always making stuff with his hands.

So now whenever I see a rustic pine chest, I'm always transported back to that time -- and I know that when I get my own house, I will definitely put in a pine drawer chest.

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