How do I Choose the Best Piles Homeopathy?

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When trying to choose the right piles homeopathy treatment for you, it is important to consider all of your symptoms and find a remedy best suited for your needs. Piles, or hemorrhoids, can cause a wide range of issues, including pain, itching, and bleeding. They may be internal or protrude from the anus, and be accompanied by constipation, diarrhea, or flatulence. There are numerous homeopathic treatments that work well for piles, but one may be better than another depending on what issues the condition is causing you.

One issue to consider when choosing piles homeopathy is the type of discomfort you are experiencing. If your hemorrhoids feel swollen and sore, remedies such as aesculus hippocastanum and aloe may be good choices. For those with feelings of itchiness and burning in the area, sulphur or graphites can work well. Collinsonia, ignatia, and pulsatilla may help to reduce sharp, sticking pains in the rectum; aesculus can be used for this as well. When piles cause pain in the lower back and a constant feeling of constriction in the bowels, nux vomica or hamamelis may provide relief.

Another factor used to determine the best piles homeopathy is whether or not the patient has bleeding from the condition. Some good choices to help reduce and control bleeding include hamamelis, aloe, and lycopodium. For cases that involve chronic, almost constant, bleeding, you may want to try collinsonia.


While not all hemorrhoids protrude externally from the body, if yours do then you will likely want to choose a piles homeopathy treatment suited for that condition. One particularly good remedy for protruding piles is aloe, particularly if they tend to be soothed by the application of cold water or compresses. Piles that protrude mainly while you are upright may benefit from the use of pulsatilla. Ignatia and ratanhia can help if you tend to have this problem after a bowel movement.

You may also need to consider what other types of gastrointestinal issues you might be having that affect your condition when choosing piles homeopathy. Nux vomica is typically considered best if you have chronic constipation, though aesculus or sulphur may also work well. A tendency toward diarrhea may indicate that aloe would be the right treatment. Sulphur and aloe are also good choices for those who tend to have excessive flatulence related to their condition.


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