How do I Choose the Best Pilates Resistance Band?

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If you are trying to tone up, either at home or at the gym, a Pilates resistance band can assist you. This product can help you stretch efficiently, as well as add tone to your arms or abdomen without having to use an exercise machine. Before you buy a Pilates resistance band, you should make sure to choose the right length for your body. Of course, the amount of resistance is also important when choosing this type of exercise equipment. You should also think about whether you want a band that comes with accessories that you might need, such as detachable handles or a workout DVD with recommended exercises.

You can find exercise bands for Pilates in many different lengths and widths. You should choose one that is not too wide for you to comfortably hold onto, though most latex bands on the market are the perfect width for most people. When it comes to band length, shorter people should generally go with a shorter band. In fact, you should use your height while choosing the band, as you should buy one that is just a little taller than you are. If you cannot choose between two bands of different lengths, always go with the longer one, since you can easily cut it if turns out to be too long for you.


One of the most important aspects of a Pilates resistance band is its level of resistance. You should choose depending on both your strength and your exercise goals. For example, a band that has very little resistance is not usually effective when it comes to strength training, but it may help you stretch before and after your workout. Keep in mind that most Pilates bands come in light, medium, or heavy resistance. If you seek a particularly high resistance level, you should consider other types of exercise bands, such as those made of tough tubing rather than flat latex.

Finally, consider the convenience that purchasing a Pilates resistance band that comes with its own DVD would provide you. This is helpful if you do not know any band exercises and would like to save some money, as such packages are usually cheaper than buying each item separately. Another accessory to look for is a set of handles that attach to a Pilates resistance band. Handles can make the band easier to grasp, and are particularly useful when doing exercises that are similar to what you might do using a Pilates reformer machine.


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