How Do I Choose the Best PHP Online Training?

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Choosing the best PHP online training depends a lot on what you are looking for in an educator, your budget, and your personal goals. For a no-teacher, certification, or degree approach, there are thousands of tutorials that allow you to learn PHP for free. If you want a diploma and certification that means something to employers, the best training is usually expensive and takes several months to get through. The amount of one-on-one time with an educator varies in this type of training. Keep in mind there is no reason to study computer science to learn PHP; in fact, computer science educators usually expect students to learn programming languages on their own time.

The Internet is filled with tutorials on learning PHP programming. You need only choose a well-written tutorial on the latest version of PHP and begin reading and practicing. This is the cheapest route to learn the computer programming language, but it is often hard for students to stay motivated. If you can study and learn without the presence of teachers and deadlines, this may be the best PHP online training for you. Likewise, this method may be best if you cannot afford certification but are determined to learn the language.


PHP online training that ends in certification is usually overseen by one or more educators. Students can interact with the teachers in real time or by private message. The training is similar to that of brick-and-mortar schools, with a curriculum and course schedule. Once the training is complete, students can take a final exam to get a diploma proving their certification in the field. Many people do well in this type of program because they spent money on the course and therefore have a vested interest in passing.

Learning from tutorials gives you the best schedule flexibility. If you decide to take PHP online training instead, your schedule will usually revolve around the classes. In many cases, the online school is a lot like a regular school, and the teacher is educating the class on live camera. This is not always the case, and some PHP online training classes have more flexibility in terms of when the classes can be taken.

Closely associating computer science with computer programming is a common mistake. There is no need to take computer science courses to learn PHP. The two areas are related because computer programming is a sub-field of computer science. They are very different fields of study, though, and someone can always be knowledgeable in one without learning the other. Like PHP online training, however, computer science degrees can be earned online.


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@ocelot60- Another option for anyone considering online computer training in PHP is to have a tutor available. Though you can learn a lot online and save time and money with these types of courses, you may need a little extra hands-on help from someone who will be there when you have questions.

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If you are planning to take online PHP training, it is best to have a person who is familiar with this type of software to guide you first. It can be difficult, especially for those who are new to the field.

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