How Do I Choose the Best Petrol Leaf Blower?

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When searching for the best petrol leaf blower, you must examine several aspects of the machine. You will want to choose a petrol leaf blower that does not vibrate significantly in your hands when running; noise is another factor to consider when choosing the best petrol leaf blower for you. Depending on the size lawn you have, weight might also be a consideration when choosing a leaf blower. The availability of parts and service is often a deciding factor when choosing a leaf blower for any use.

Unlike an electric leaf blower, the petrol version incorporates a small internal combustion engine in the design. When choosing the best leaf blower, you might wish to select one that does not offer significant vibration as it is operated; vibration can lead to stressed hands and arms and premature exhaustion when using the machine. Some models incorporate soft motor mounts that dampen vibration and are often preferred over a rigidly mounted engine for eliminating felt vibrations. In addition, some versions of the petrol leaf blower use improved exhaust systems to both dampen noise as well as engine vibration.


You may find that the best choice in a petrol leaf blower is the quietest model available. The quieter a petrol leaf blower is, the longer you might be able to operate the machine without incurring a headache or sore ears. This can also be affected by the style of the machine. A back-carried blower is often much quieter than the typical handheld version simply because of the location of the muffler and exhaust on the backpack model as compared to the conventional style of handheld machines. For large yards, the backpack model allows the operator to use a much larger machine than is typically possible with a handheld version.

A backpack model also provides a stronger air current than the typical handheld model as well as a more accurate air flow direction. The handheld model often becomes less accurate as the weight of carrying the blower begins to take its toll on the user's arm. A backpack blower requires the user to operate and aim only a flexible plastic hose to blow the leaves away, while the bulk of the machine's weight is suspended upon the shoulders and back. This may make this type of petrol leaf blower the best choice for those with a large yard, or those with poor physical strength who are unable to carry the traditional style of machine for long periods.


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