How Do I Choose the Best Personnel Management Books?

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People interested in personnel management study the ways in which managers help employees to create positive work environments where all workers have common goals, respect one another, and perform their jobs as effectively as possible. To choose the best personnel management books, your first step should be to consider what you hope to learn from these resources, why you have decided to find these books, and your current level of understanding of personnel management. When searching for personnel management books, you also should think about the qualifications of authors, the dates when books were written or last updated, and if others have read certain books and found them useful.

Personnel management books can be valuable for a wide array of students and professionals. For example, human resource managers might need these books to learn about new management strategies and to keep a current understanding of the most cutting edge management principles. College students in business and management programs, on the other hand, might use personnel management books in classes as they receive a general introduction to different management models, practices, and philosophies. Scholars in fields such as business, sociology, and business psychology write books and papers and might use these books for research purposes.


When shopping for personnel management books, consider why you need them. If you are a student, you should check the syllabus provided by your instructor. It often is important in these scenarios to choose the exact editions listed by your instructor. When you have questions about personnel management books on your syllabus, you should consult your instructor immediately.

If you need personnel management books to help you to improve your own managerial skills, it is a good idea to choose books that speak closely to your situation. For example, if you are interested in retail management, the most valuable books might be those written by experienced retail managers. Some people might need management books to learn to deal with specific issues, such as problematic employees or budgetary concerns.

An individual looking for the best personnel management books also should consider the qualification of authors. You should make sure that an author has right kind of experience and credentials to write about personnel management issues, but you also should consider his or her perspective. For example, if you would like a personnel management book that gives you tips for dealing with certain kinds of employees, you might want to read a book written by an established manager. An individual who is interested in reading a study on how different managerial styles impact employee productivity, on other hand, might choose a book by a scholar and researcher.


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