How Do I Choose the Best Percussion Books?

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There are many things to consider when choosing the best percussion books. One of the biggest considerations is what type of percussion you want the book to focus on, as there are many different kinds of percussion instruments. If you want the book to be instructional, think about your skill level or the skill level of the person for whom you are buying the book. For an informational book, think about how in-depth you want the book to be and whether you want there to be lots of pictures or plenty of words, or an equal mixture of both.

Many types of percussion books are available, including those for various percussion instruments and a wide range of styles in which they are played. For instance, classical percussion is different than percussion for popular music, both of which vary from ethnic or tribal percussion. Electronic percussion is another area that will have unique information and instruction. Before shopping, it is very wise to decide what general style or type of instrument you want to learn about.

When choosing percussion books for instruction purposes, it is very important to consider skill level. Some books may focus on teaching beginners, while others focus on people with some experience or who want advanced instruction. Think about what type of instruction you need and also whether you learn best by reading text, looking at illustrations and diagrams, or using a combination.


Some people may want to obtain percussion books simply for information. This type of book does not necessarily teach an individual how to play a certain type of percussion instrument but instead may focus on describing a form of percussion, a style of playing, or give the history of a certain type of percussion. Some books feature more photographs and illustrations, while others are strictly text. Think about what is most preferable and how in-depth you want the book to be. Young readers may want books that have more pictures, while others may prefer a more complex book.

It may be wise to think about how much you want to pay for percussion books. Books on this subject are sold for a wide range of prices. If you are buying books about percussion as a gift, you may want to consider the interest level of the person you are getting it for. For a person who is new to percussion and may potentially lose interest in the subject, you might not want to pay a large amount of money. If you are obtaining books for yourself, think about how much you will use the percussion books and whether a large investment of money is appropriate.


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