How do I Choose the Best Pendant Lighting Fixtures?

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Pendant lighting fixtures, or lighting units which are suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or shaft, can prove a practical and attractive way to add illumination to a kitchen island, dining table, bar, workspace, or many other areas that need extra light. Due to the vast array of pendant lighting fixtures available, however, choosing the best ones for you can be a daunting task. To make the selection process easier, begin by studying the area in which the fixtures will be installed to determine your desired lighting strength and to establish potential structural limitations. Then, consider your room’s décor as well as your personal taste to decide what style of pendant lighting fixtures you would like.

Before purchasing your pendant lighting fixtures, you should study the space where they will be installed to determine your desired lighting strength. A space such as a desk or a kitchen worktop usually requires strong, direct light. In this case, fixtures with downward-facing lights are probably best. If you wish to add ambiance to a space such as a dining area, on the other hand, you might prefer hanging bowl-style fixtures, which project diffused light upward. Dimmable fixtures may be an attractive option if you wish to switch between strong and soft light.

As you study the place where your pendant lighting fixtures will be installed, you should also establish potential structural limitations. For instance, if the ceiling is particularly high or low, you must take care to select fixtures with an appropriately sized cord, chain, or shaft. Additionally, if the ceiling’s surface is made from thin material such as drywall, you may wish to install two or more lightweight fixtures instead of one heavy fixture.

Next, you should consider your room’s décor as well as your personal taste to decide what style of pendant lighting fixtures you desire. In general, there are fixtures available to suit almost any style of décor, from the antique to the trendy. Additionally, these fixtures’ suspenders and shades may be made from a huge number of different materials, such as plastic, aluminum, glass, brass, and even offbeat objects like soda cans. You may wish to select fixtures which coordinate with your existing décor, or fixtures of a different style which complement your room by adding contrast.

Once you have a basic understanding of the type of pendant lighting you want, you can begin shopping for your fixtures. Pendant lighting fixtures are widely available at home improvement and lighting stores. Often, online retailers provide even more choice. Armed with your pendant lighting wish list, you should be able to quickly narrow in on the best fixture choices for you.

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