How do I Choose the Best Pedometer App?

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There are so many choices of pedometer app available that it can be difficult to select the right one using anything besides trial and error. Some people prefer a small, clean pedometer app that simply uses the device’s built-in accelerometer to count the number of steps and nothing more, creating minimal drain on battery and memory. Others prefer an app with plenty of features, such as caloric burn estimates and distance and speed calculations. One thing nearly all pedometer app users agree on, however, is to choose an app that is reliable and does not err badly when counting steps or shut off when the device’s screen sleeps.

Many people enjoy having a pedometer app that estimates the calorie burn for the entire workout. Frequently, knowing the amount of energy you have burned can make the difference between a successful weight loss or weight maintenance program and a failed one. While this is useful information to know, you should remember that this number is only an estimate that can be thrown off by anything from inaccuracy of the pedometer’s step counting to the calculation that estimates stride length and speed to whether or not the app lets you input your age and weight.


Another one of the features that pedometer apps sometimes offer is a music player that plays upbeat, energetic music while you are walking or running. Fitness enthusiasts and trainers agree that listening to music during a workout can be a huge motivational tool and can keep you going faster for a longer time, leading to more calorie burn. Frequently, another motivational tool that a pedometer app might use is a function that lets you input goals before the workout and lets you know when you have reached them.

Some pedometer apps utilize the device’s GPS system, if one exists, to track your route and display your speed and the distance you have traveled, either currently or over the entire workout. If the total workout time is clocked, it is important that the app includes a pause function in case you need to stop, so it does not decrease your average speed while you are resting. Apps that use the GPS system instead of purely counting steps taken can be nice for individuals who enjoy other activities such as biking sometimes instead of just walking or running.


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