How do I Choose the Best PCAT&Reg; Book?

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The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT®)is a test taken by aspiring pharmacy students prior to admission to a pharmacy college. The test is designed to assess students' proficiency in a number of areas relevant to the field of pharmacology. Sections in the exam include two writing parts and biology, chemistry, and verbal ability components. A PCAT® book may be used by those who are preparing to take the test so that they may achieve high scores. To choose the best PCAT® book, it can be necessary to consider the portions of the test with which you may need the most help, various features offered by different books, and the prices of books.

The PCAT® comprises a number of different sections that test different abilities. Some students who are preparing to take this test may find that they have ample knowledge of some subject areas or skills, but may need to improve in others. To choose the best PCAT® book, it might be a good idea consider which areas you could improve on. For some test takers, this can mean purchasing a book that provides a general overview of the test, allowing users to explore the nature of the exam questions and locate areas of difficulty. An individual who has struggled for years with writing, for example, might benefit from a book that focuses solely on improvements in areas such as grammar and clarity of thoughts.


A number of features may be offered by different books. The best PCAT® book may often be the one that allows you to prepare for the test by using a preferred method. CD-ROMs are included in some books. These are discs that contains software that may be accessed by a computer. Practice tests are often among the contents of PCAT® book CD-ROMs. Most often the PCAT® is taken on a computer, so many users find this feature to be helpful in test preparation.

Explanations of how best to determine answers for multiple choice questions are also common features offered by PCAT® books. Of the questions on the exam, 124 are multiple choice. Instruction in methods such as educated guessing and deductive logic can be very useful for those who sometimes struggle with the multiple choice format.

As with most consumer products, one PCAT® book may be more expensive than another. Factors such as the amount of content or publisher of the book may affect the price of a test guide. Features such as CD-ROMs can also cause an exam book to be more expensive. The best choice is often the one that offers you the preparation tools you need with a price that fits in your budget.


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