How do I Choose the Best Patio Furniture Covers?

Autumn Rivers

Keeping outdoor furniture nice year round is usually difficult to do without patio furniture covers to protect it from the elements. Whether you live in a windy, rainy, or sunny area, your patio furniture will be subjected to harsh treatment at some point when you keep it outside all the time. Choosing the best patio furniture covers can help prevent damage, and you can start by finding types that are resistant to various kinds of weather. You should also note both the appearance and the texture of the fabric, since there are covers that look and feel attractive while also protecting your patio furniture. Finally, consider convenience, such as whether the covers stay put and are easy to store.

Purchase patio furniture covers that are resistant to mildew and other types of mold.
Purchase patio furniture covers that are resistant to mildew and other types of mold.

Most patio furniture covers are meant to protect outdoor items from water, as mold and mildew can be quite destructive, but some do it better than others. For example, the best covers on the market usually allow rainwater to roll right off rather than sitting on the cover until it evaporates. Additionally, good patio furniture covers are typically breathable in some way, such as through vents, which can help prevent mildew or mold from growing. Of course, most covers also keep dust, dirt, and excess sunlight away from the furniture, but the top covers usually are also resistant to UV rays since they reflect the sun.

Covers for patio furniture do not have to be dull. While most are neutral colors like black, gray, and beige, you can find some in other shades, as well. You can even find patio furniture covers that feature designs, allowing you to add a unique feel to your yard while protecting your furniture. The texture is also important, as covers need to be strong without being too brittle. Abrasive covers can scratch your furniture, so be sure to choose kinds that are tough on the outside but softer on the interior.

You should also think about convenience when choosing patio furniture covers. For example, you will need to keep the covers somewhere while your furniture is in use. Some patio accessories like this come with storage bags to keep them safely in storage when they are not in use. Additionally, you should also consider how they stay on your furniture, as covers that fly off easily are useless in windy areas. Covers that come with elastic bands around the bottom are usually the best, though having ties that you can wrap around the furniture is also an option.

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Also consider whether you're going to use the kinds of covers that protect your furniture during the winter, if you don't have a place to store it out of the elements.

Otherwise, you really need to buy covers that really fit your furniture. Measure your furniture and keep the measurements handy when you're shopping for covers.

Most cushions made for use as patio furniture is weather resistant, but it's always good to double check if you're not certain.

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