How Do I Choose the Best Party High Heels?

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Choosing good party high heels can help make an outfit and an evening extra fabulous. Getting great party high heels begins at the shoe store, so be certain to take time and be choosey when it comes to making a purchase. The best high heels for a party will suit the occasion and enhance a person's look and style. When choosing party high heels, consider the type of the event, coordination with an outfit, the effect of the heels on your silhouette, and the comfort level of the shoes.

Shopping for party high heels can be a lot of fun, but may also involve some serious detective work. One key to choosing great heels is to make sure that they fit well, which may be more difficult than it sounds. Since different shoe manufacturers may have slightly different measurement guides, it may help to try on a half size up and down from your normal shoe size to be sure of the optimal fit. It may also help to go shoe shopping when feet are slightly tired from walking around, since a shoe that fits early in the morning may be too tight or uncomfortable by the end of the day.


When picking out high heels for an event, be sure to consider the formality and style of the occasion. Four-inch (10.16 cm) high platform stilettos could be great for a night of dancing at a sexy club, but may be way over the top for meeting a boyfriend's parents for dinner. Similarly, what works for an afternoon baby shower in summer may be inappropriate for a bachelorette party in December. It may help to divide high heels into separate categories in the closet, such as elegant vs. sexy, or spring/summer vs. fall/winter.

Party high heels should be chosen as part of an overall outfit, either for coordination or as an accent piece. To coordinate, look for a pair of heels that contains at least one color present in clothing, such as grey polka dots to go with a grey and red dress, or black heels to match a fancy black and white outfit. If an outfit is largely neutral or monochromatic, party high heels can also add some jazz with a pop of contrasting color, such as red heels with a cream-colored outfit, or sequined party high heels against a black dress.

The cut of a pair of heels can significantly impact the overall look of body lines. Nude heels are famous for creating an optical illusion that bare legs are longer, simply because the shoes closely match skin tone. D'orsay heels, which feature a cut-out on the inner part of the shoe, can show off ankles and the arch of the foot, and may also help elongate the legs. In general, for a longer silhouette, avoid shoes with ankle straps, as these can make the leg appear cut off at the top of the shoes.

Finally, in order to party all night, it is crucially important to choose high heels that are comfortable. No matter how pretty, shoes that are agonizing to wear can turn a fun night into a disaster. In addition to making sure to choose shoes that fit correctly, consider padding less-comfortable shoes with gel insoles or moleskin to increase comfort level and cut down on blisters. It may help to consider what events are planned before choosing party high heels: if the party will be conducted sitting down at tables, less-comfortable shoes may be acceptable.


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Post 3

@Ana1234 - As a short person, I prefer to keep mine on. It's annoying to always be looking up at people and I just get a confidence boost when I'm in my heels.

I really think comfort is a matter of getting used to them. If you wear them all the time you eventually just feel OK with them on. Although party heels might be a little bit higher and those can be uncomfortable, I'll admit.

Post 2

@KoiwiGal - I hate to say it, but I'm one of those people who only ever wears my heels to make an entrance and then takes them off almost immediately and spends the rest of the night ensuring no one steps on my toes.

I don't care how comfortable high heels are supposed to be, they just make life a little more difficult and I'm already a fairly tall person, so wearing them feels a little bit ridiculous as well.

But they are so pretty, I can never stop myself from buying them, particularly if they have any kind of sparkle.

No one ever seems to mind (or even notice) after the first meet and greet if I've taken them off though, so I get the best of both worlds!

Post 1

If you've got sensitive feet, I would ask around your friends to find a shoe store that caters for them. If I wear average high heels for even an hour my feet will ache for the rest of the night. But there are some places that make shoes that don't seem to bother them that much.

Lots of places claim to have comfortable shoes, but they might not be all that great. Asking around for opinions is the best way to tell which are the best brands to buy.

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