How do I Choose the Best Parasite Killer?

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In order to choose the best parasite killer, you need to determine what type of parasite you have, because there are more than 1,000 types of parasites that can affect the human body. Internal parasites can be treated with an internal parasite killer, and external parasites can be treated with a shampoo or lotion. There are many anti-parasitic drugs, parasitic cleanses and natural herbs that you can take as part of a parasite treatment. The best treatment, of course, is one that targets the infected area and has the ability to remove the parasitic eggs as well as the parasite itself.

An external parasite killer can help remove external parasites such as head lice and fleas. Insecticidal shampoos can help to destroy them, and combing the hair with a fine comb helps to remove them from their nests. Lice can also be treated with silicone-based lotions or by massaging olive oil into the infected area.


A parasite cleanse normally targets a specific area of the body where the parasites are located, such as the colon, liver, kidney, gallbladder and blood. Not only does a cleanse help to remove parasites and parasitic eggs, it also helps to remove toxins and other waste material. Before doing a parasite cleanse, however, one should do a colon cleanse, because that will help the body to eliminate wastes more efficiently. Some parasites are stubborn, and thus some cleanses might need to be carried out for as long as three months. Reading the labels on the kits will help you determine how effective the cleanse will be and whether it is suitable for you.

Home remedies include ingesting a combination of cloves, black walnut and wormwood, which work together as a natural parasite killer. Certain other foods, such as garlic, pumpkin seeds, hot peppers, carrots and flax seeds and are also helpful, because they help cleanse the body and create an environment that either kills the parasites or causes them to leave the body. By making the foods a part of your daily diet, you will be able reduce your risk of a future parasite infection.

Anti-parasitic drugs are also effective for getting rid of parasites. They are handy to take in situations when you do not have time for a cleanse or in cases where a cleanse is not suitable because of another health condition. You can obtain them over the Internet as well as at the pharmacy, with or without a prescription. Just remember to purchase a trusted brand of parasite killer, especially when making the purchase on the Internet. Look for testimonials, or ask your doctor for advice on choosing the best killer for parasites.


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