How Do I Choose the Best Paramedic Supplies?

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If you have recently earned certification in emergency medicine, you'll require basic paramedic supplies, such as a quality stethoscope and trauma shears. Depending upon the type of paramedic work you do, your paramedic tools and supplies may vary. Choose paramedic supplies that are specific to your specialty, such as fire, ambulance, hospital, or private emergency medical technician (EMT) services. Always choose paramedic supplies that are latex free, to avoid the possibility of allergic reaction.

Consider basic and lightweight EMT tools to store in a portable bag. Many of these paramedic supplies can be ordered online. If you are a hospital paramedic or involved in paramedic nursing, chances are the necessary machines will be at your disposal and you will not need bulky pieces of equipment.

A private paramedic should consider the situations he is most likely to encounter and choose his paramedic supplies accordingly. Supplies such as portable pocket resuscitators should be included in every EMT bag. Look for connector pieces that attach easily to oxygen equipment. It's best to choose two sizes, one for adults and one for children. Air mask filters should be disposable for sanitary purposes.


Choose disposable oxygen masks that are comfortable, with no sharp edges. You will most likely be using these masks frequently while on call, so buying them in large quantity can save you money. You can obtain these EMT supplies at your local medical supply store or online.

One of the most basic paramedic supplies you'll own will be a blood pressure monitor. Choose a reliable model that offers the most accurate readings. You can choose between an inflation cuff design or a digital model, or you can purchase both. Be sure the blood pressure monitor is lightweight yet durable enough to withstand abuse.

When choosing a stethoscope, select one with clear acoustics. This is especially important when using in a noisy environment or in an ambulance. The stethoscope should include smooth, high-quality ear tips for comfort. Your stethoscope will have to function for adults and children, so choose a stethoscope with easy-to-adjust interchangeable scope heads.

Your collection of paramedic supplies should also include a compact emergency first aid kit. Bandages, gauze, medical tape, and eye wash solutions are some of the necessary items to purchase for your kit. Cold packs are also essential for an EMT supply bag. Before you purchase your paramedic supplies, have your inquiries or concerns addressed by a professional.


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