How do I Choose the Best Paper Stapler?

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While it may seem as though taking time to choose the best paper stapler is irrelevant, it can actually improve efficiency at work as well as reduce certain paperwork problems. There are several types of staplers from the mini version to the larger, heavy-duty type. They all serve the same purpose of connecting papers together, but vary in the extent of their capabilities.

A heavy-duty paper stapler usually has thicker staples that can penetrate through more sheets of paper than a typical stapler. This is a good option for businesses or individuals who often have to staple a stack of papers. In some cases, heavy-duty staplers can staple over a hundred sheets of papers at a time.

For those who are interested in going the environmentally friendly route, a stapleless paper stapler can be an excellent option. It typically works by neatly punching a hole in the corners of the papers where a staple would go then folding the little hole-punched pieces together. This type of stapler works best on only a few sheets of paper, however, it can save quite a bit of money over time on staples, especially for a business that uses a substantial number of them.


An electric paper stapler is best for those who have problems with their hands. For example, those who have joint problems, arthritis, or even those with a broken finger can find it useful. While many require being plugged into the wall, there are some that are cordless.

A miniature paper stapler is a good option for those who don't have a large work area and even for students who have limited space due to using a small desk or keeping everything in a backpack or locker. It is also an option for those who are often on the move because of work. It takes up little space in a briefcase or work tote and allows for easy use without being bulky. The small staples needed may be more difficult to use than a traditional stapler though.

A typical paper stapler is a useful tool to keep around at home or in an office. A basic stapler is often enough for many people who have no special circumstances for which a specialty stapler would be better. A good quality stapler is often relatively inexpensive, so even those on a tight budget can purchase one that won't break easily and be a waste of money.


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Post 3

Old Swinglne staplers worked great, but any Swingline stapler you buy now will only last you a few months at the most. Even the most top of the line Swingline staplers no longer last that long at least in my experience. And the Paper Pro staplers are pieces of junk as well.

I have yet to find a newer good quality stapler, so if you have an old stapler in hand, take good care of it.

Post 2

@rugbygirl - I agree with you about the heavy metal staplers. The office I work in has these cheap plastic ones, and they drive me crazy. I usually just walk over to the printer/copy machine, which has an electric stapler on top of it. (The disadvantage of that electric stapler is that we aren't allowed to change the cartridges ourselves and have to call the IT people every time we run out!)

I've never tried one of the staple free staplers, but they sound kind of cool. Has anyone tried one? Do they really work? Any favorite brands?

Post 1

For my money, the best desktop staplers are made of metal and relatively heavy compared to others. I have a Swingline stapler that's been been going strong since I left home for college in 1998. I get even better results by using chisel-point staples. It's not up to the same kinds of big jobs that a high-capacity or electric stapler can handle, but it does just enough better on the kinds of things one staples at home to make life slightly more pleasant.

Don't go cheap--if you buy a super-inexpensive, lightweight plastic stapler but wind up replacing it after just a couple of years, you'll wind up spending more money (not to mention wasting more landfill space) than if you'd just gotten something good to start with.

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