How do I Choose the Best Pantry Hardware?

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Choosing the best pantry hardware will in large part be determined by the pantry design. There are different sizes and types of pantries and different uses for them. From a full sized room or a small closet pantry to special cabinetry designed for pantry storage, there are several options available. Many of the options include specialized pantry hardware. Size is one of the most important issues to ensure that items fit properly and that sliders are long enough to reach the recesses of the pantry.

There are other issues to consider when choosing pantry hardware as well. Style, convenience, ease of installation, expense, and choosing pantry organizers that will help you utilize the available space in the best possible way are all things you will want to keep in mind. If adding or replacing pantry hardware is a do-it-yourself project, look for simple to install pantry knobs, pulls, door handles and other pantry accessories. The instructions should be simple and clear. Any necessary installation hardware should also be included.


Pantry hardware is also available in many different materials such as wire, chrome, wood, polymer, and more. Wire racks can be very handy and so can other organizational items. Organizers make it easier to store things and thus efficiently use every inch of space. Look for options that organize specific items such as canned goods. Corner shelving, especially with a pullout design, is great for using what would otherwise be wasted space in deep corners. Hooks, door storage, and Lazy Susans may also be important features to consider when choosing pantry hardware.

It also matters whether or not the pantry hardware can be seen from other spaces. For an open pantry off the kitchen, choosing items that match or complement the kitchen fixtures, knobs, pulls, and other accessories is generally preferable. Built-in pantries can be built with materials that match the existing kitchen cabinetry. In a closed pantry that cannot be seen from other areas of the home, one might choose to create an entirely different look.

Convenience is an essential element when choosing pantry hardware. Clunky, clumsy handles can be difficult to manage when trying to hurry or when you have your hands filled with other items you have gathered from the pantry. If there are small children in the home, safety will also be important. There are a number of safety devices and cabinet locks that can be installed along with pantry hardware.


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