How do I Choose the Best over-The-Counter Weight Loss Pill?

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With the high number of different over-the-counter weight loss products on the market, it can be challenging to select the right brand. Choosing the best over-the-counter weight loss pill often depends on several factors based on individual needs. These factors include the safety of the weight loss pills, the availability of the pills, the cost of the weight loss product, and whether the product requires a medical prescription.

The first concern a consumer should have when choosing any over-the-counter weight loss product is to find out whether it is safe. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducts safety trials and monitors the safety of nutritional supplements and diet aids before and after they are put on the market. Look for an FDA seal of approval and check for any harmful side effects or possible drug interactions before picking any over-the-counter weight loss pill.

A secondary factor when choosing an over-the-counter weight loss pill is how widely available the products are in drug and retail stores. Newly approved products may take months to reach store shelves. Many over-the-counter weight loss products can be purchased directly from drug manufacturers, however.

Cost can be a determining factor when deciding on an over-the-counter weight loss pill. Less popular brands may work just as well as some of the new, more expensive brands. New products, however, may have been created based on new research into ways to shed weight faster and more safely.


When choosing an over-the-counter weight loss pill, dieters should find out if the pills can be legally purchased without a prescription. Some companies sell unapproved weight loss products online, which can be harmful and even deadly to unwitting consumers. It is always best to consult with a doctor before trying over-the-counter weight loss pills to make sure they are safe and pose no underlying health concerns.


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Well, it's pretty difficult to just choose a diet pill without asking an expert about its contents or if it does have side effects. Been there, done that and it's not really a good thing to do it all by yourself.

I've tried diet pills and some other fad diets that didn't help me at all. However, I have consulted a GP and was told to try natural stuff so I gave this prescopodene a month's trial. It was all worth it because I immediately felt the appetite suppression with a little weird feeling of thirst. Other than that, nothing else but weight loss, so I would rate this pill with 5 stars.

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