How do I Choose the Best Outdoor Curtains?

Angela Crout-Mitchell

The process of choosing outdoor curtains requires the homeowner to carefully consider a wide variety of factors to find the most effective and pleasing option. Curtain material, the type of patio, and the individual needs of the person or family must be factored into the final decision. Many home improvement experts suggest purchasing and using patio curtains made from easy to clean materials such as vinyl, or cotton. There are many types of curtains that are made for outdoor use or can be adapted to fit outdoor elements. Hanging outdoor curtains can offer homeowners a way to expand their entertaining and recreational spaces outside the actual home.

Mosquito nets create an impenetrable barrier between humans and mosquitoes.
Mosquito nets create an impenetrable barrier between humans and mosquitoes.

One of the first things involved in choosing curtains for the patio is deciding on a suitable material. Many people choose to use waterproof materials, such as vinyl or plastic, to repel rain and limit the potential for water damage to the curtains. Cotton, rayon, and linen are other common materials for outdoor use, as they allow for greater air flow and comfort. With those materials, it is advisable to remove the curtains before or immediately after rainfall, and cleaning and drying them thoroughly to avoid possible damage to the curtains. All of the outdoor curtain materials are available in an enormous selection of colors and designs for every outside decor choice.

Mosquito netting may help protect a family from insects and other pests.
Mosquito netting may help protect a family from insects and other pests.

The type of patio or deck to be fitted with curtains is also an important factor when choosing these hangings. Patios already equipped with a ceiling railing are the simplest to fit, as all that is needed is to hang curtain rods or other fixtures to hold the fabric in place. Just about any style of curtain will work for this purpose, including tab and standard designed curtains. Patios without overhead railings will require the addition of wall framework or some other form of support in order to hang curtains successfully.

When choosing outdoor curtains, it is vital to choose those that best suit the desired purpose. For example, if the homeowner wants additional privacy while enjoying their outdoor living space, it is suggested they choose curtains that are opaque and block outside views of the area. Screening or mosquito netting would be an ideal curtain material choices for the family that requires protection from insects and other pests. Many people choose outdoor curtains based on appearance alone and use these hangings to personalize their patios and decks for their own enjoyment. Homeowners can find useful advice on the subject in books and magazines, from reputable online sources, and from the staff of the local home improvement store.

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