How Do I Choose the Best Organic Spray Tan?

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The best organic spray tan for you will be made from natural, organic ingredients, be the correct color for your skin, and be priced within your budget. Spray tans are available for at-home use or at professional, spray tan salons. Salon spray tans are often called airbrush, or sunless, tans. At-home spray tans are cheaper, but poor application can result in an unnatural looking tan.

Before you begin shopping, decide how much you are willing to spend. A salon organic spray tan is typically the most expensive, but there are some at-home tanning products which cost nearly as much as a single salon session. More expensive does not necessarily mean better results. Typically, preparing the skin by exfoliating and properly applying the product will determine the results.

A salon organic spray tan usually lasts longer than an at-home tan. The lifespan of an at-home tan is about two to three days, but a salon tan usually lasts a week. Depending on whether the salon tan is applied by an individual or a machine, it can take a few minutes or up to an hour to apply. Usually, if it is applied by hand, you are required to wear underwear or a bathing suit, resulting in tan lines. You can tan in the nude with machine tans.


Whether you decide to go to a salon or use an at-home tanner, check the ingredients of the product. Often, organic spray tan products will use the term "organic" in their name, but you can also check the ingredients. Usually, organic spray tan products do not contain paraben, petroleum based ingredients, or fragrances. They should be made only with plant-based extracts and other natural products. Many are also cruelty free, which means that the company does not test the product on animals.

After you've determined that the tanner is truly organic, choose your desired color. Typically, the lighter your natural skin color, the lighter tan you should choose. Although you may be able to work up to a darker tan, choosing a very dark tan for your first application is a sure way for your tan to look fake. Instead, choose a shade or two darker than your natural skin color.

Some tanning products rely on multiple applications to achieve a darker tan. These are a good choice if you've never used a self-tanner and aren't sure of the color you want. After each application, you wait a specified amount of time, and if the tan isn't dark enough, you simply apply the product again. When you've reached your desired color, reapply every two to three days.


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@raynbow- I think that the biggest mistake that people make when applying any type of spray tan is that they don't rub it into their skin completely. Even though spray tan comes out in a fine mist, it still has to be rubbed into the skin to get a uniform, natural look.

When it comes to the color that you will achieve after using an organic spray tanning product, that will depend on how it interacts with your skin type. A good tip to follow when trying out a new product is to test in on an inconspicuous part of your body, like your upper leg or stomach. This will give you a good idea of what the results will be like before you apply it all over your body.

Post 1

I have never used an organic spray tanning product before, but I want to try one. My main concern though is that my skin will look orange after I put in on. How can I avoid this unnatural appearance and get results that I like?

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