How Do I Choose the Best Organic Shower Gel?

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To find the best organic shower gel, you must first consider what type of gel will work best for your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, you will want to find a gel that focuses on moisturizing. Next, you must determine that the gel is genuinely organic. Checking reviews of a specific organic shower gel is also helpful in determining its effectiveness.

Organic shower gels are usually made of a base oil combined with other oils, fruits, flowers or other plants for smell or function. Any truly organic gel will be free from the harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances or preservatives that non-organic brands are made of, but that doesn’t mean some of the ingredients can’t dry up your skin or cause it to be too oily. That is why it’s important to read the label carefully to determine the functions of the gel. This is even more important if you have allergies to flowers or herbs.


It’s important to realize the distinction between the terms organic and natural. Just because something says it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s organic. Additionally, depending on where you are in the world, what defines an organic shower gel might not be as strict as in another part of the world. In some cases, strict guidelines must be met before something gains a certified organic designation; once it is qualified, it is marked with a specific label to identify its authenticity. If you don’t live in an area that clearly defines what organic is, you might need to do some research on the ingredients of the gel to ensure its authenticity.

With the widespread demand for organic products, it is relatively easy to purchase an organic shower gel. Many health-food stores or stores that specialize in organic products sell shower gels, as do many online stores that specialize in organic products. Some smaller boutique stores also sell organic shower gels, as do artisans who sell their products at local markets. Checking online review sites or with friends can be an effective way to narrow down your choices.

If you want a truly organic experience, you can create your own shower gel. It is relatively inexpensive and you will be certain that the ingredients are organic, although it might also take some research to verify that. One advantage of making your own organic shower gel is you can make as much, or as little, as you want.


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