How do I Choose the Best Organic Laundry Detergent?

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To choose the best organic laundry detergent, you should consider how much you want to spend, the percentage of organically produced materials in the detergent itself, and the particular scent — or lack of scent — you prefer. Natural laundry detergents offer far less chemicals and fewer strong perfumes, providing viable alternatives to laundry detergent that is more traditionally manufactured. By making the right decisions, you can find an organic, safe laundry detergent that meets the needs of both your clothes hamper and your pocketbook.

The first step you want to consider is cost. As a general rule, organic products tend to cost more than their conventional counterparts. This discrepancy in price might be a few cents or a few dollars, depending upon the product and the ingredients utilized. Once you have determined your budget, you can get a better idea of what organic laundry detergent will work best with the money you are able to spend.


Not all organic laundry detergent products are created equal. Some may contain only a small percentage of organically cultivated material, while others may be all or nearly all organic. Here again price will be a consideration: the more organic a natural laundry detergent is, the higher the price tag. If the product fits within your budget, however, it is wise to check the ingredients and ensure the levels of organically produced substances in the mixture. For example, if you are looking to have the greenest household possible, you will want to select an organic, gentle laundry detergent that boasts the highest amounts of all-natural ingredients.

The scent of organic laundry detergent also plays a key role in choosing the best fit for your needs. Many detergents with organic materials produce a slightly different scent than traditional detergents, mainly because they are lightly scented with essential oils as opposed to strong chemicals. The fragrance, then, is much lighter. There are also several varieties of organic laundry detergent that make doing laundry a scent-free experience. Given the number of individuals with chemical sensitivities and allergies, the organic market has become a leader in producing laundry detergents that possess no scent whatsoever.

Choosing an organic laundry detergent guarantees a gentler washing experience for clothing, and, in some cases, may even prolong the life of the clothes. Without the use of fillers, perfumes, additives, and chemicals, organic detergents have been shown to keep clothes clean and sanitized without wearing down the articles' natural fibers. An organic detergent, while more costly, could well save you money on clothing in the long run.


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