How Do I Choose the Best Open-Toe Booties?

Patti Kate

When shopping for open-toe booties, you need to consider comfort as well as fashion. Women's peep-toe boots can pinch, so it is important to obtain the correct fit. If you plan on wearing your open-toe booties during inclement weather, consider canvas instead of suede or leather. Open-toe booties are available in a variety of styles, including knee-length and ankle boots. Slouch-style boots are good for women with thick calves.

You should avoid buying open-toe shoes without trying them on first.
You should avoid buying open-toe shoes without trying them on first.

Petite women can wear high heeled-boots without feeling self conscious about their height. If you want a bold fashion look, consider a pair of open-toe booties with a high stiletto heel. You'll find all types of trendy styles at fine footwear stores. Avoid buying open-toe shoes and boots online, as you might not get the best fit without trying them on.

If you suffer from backaches, avoid buying open-toe booties with a heel that is higher than 4 inches (10.2 centimeters). Wearing very high heels can create pressure on the lower back, especially when worn for several hours at a time. If you stand on your feet for long periods, choose open-toe boots with a flat sole or low heel. Open-toe boots with a padded insert can offer comfort.

For the latest styles in open-toe booties, browse through fashion magazines for ideas. If you want something chic that will make a dramatic statement, shop at a boutique rather than a department store. If you must shop online, make sure you will be able to return your merchandise for an exchange or full refund if the boots do not fit.

Choose a pair of peep-toe booties that can coordinate with your favorite outfits. Colors such as purple or orange might catch your eye, but you might only be able to wear the boots with one or two outfits. Earth tones and neutral colors offer more versatility and can generally be worn year round. If you wear jeans often, consider ankle-length open-toe booties. Ankle-length boots can be dressed up or dressed down and this versatility makes it a good choice if you plan on only buying one pair.

For a flattering look, choose open-toe booties in colors that blend with your skin tone. If you're fair skinned, beige or pink might be a good choice. If you have an olive complexion, choose a darker shade of brown or navy. Black open-toe booties look good on dark-skinned women.

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