How Do I Choose the Best Online Singing Classes?

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People take singing classes when they want to learn how to use their voices as musical instruments. Classes range from beginner, where students are learning about singing — and sometimes music — for the first time, to intermediate and expert for people who have some experience singing. To choose the best online singing classes, your first step should be to determine your own qualifications and levels of experience. It also is a good idea to consider the kind of singing taught in online singing classes, since jazz singing, for example, is quite a bit different from opera singing. When looking for the best online singing classes, you also should consider the chance to earn a degree or certificate, the qualifications of instructors, and the potential to also participate in one-on-one training and in recitals or concerts.

Conventional singing classes take place in person. A student sings for an instructor, who helps the student improve by teaching new techniques and helping him or her improve on any shortcomings. One benefit of online singing classes is that students are able to study whenever they have time and can work at their own pace. For many people, however, in-person time spent with a singing instructor is essential, so you may consider a low residency program in which you take some courses online, but also meet in-person with an instructor from time to time.


To choose the best online singing classes, you should consider which kind of singing you would like to do. People who are interested in basic voice lessons might want to learn breathing methods and tips for keeping in tune and on the right beat. Others may want to perfect certain singing styles. Consider the music you like to listen to and choose courses based on what you enjoy.

While it can be tempting to jump right in to the online singing classes that are appealing to you, it is important that you first are qualified. For example, you might love jazz music and have a great voice for this kind of music, but if you don't know how to read sheet music, you might not be able to take a jazz singing class immediately. Even though they might not be as interesting to you, the best online singing classes might be those that teach basic music education and technique.

A person looking for the best online singing classes also should consider the qualifications of instructors. While not every good music teacher will have an academic background in music, you should at least be sure that an instructor has serious professional experience in singing. Experience as a teacher of people with your experience level may also be important in an instructor's biography.


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