How do I Choose the Best Online PHR Classes?

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Online Professional in Human Resources (PHR) classes are intended to provide preparation for PHR certification. Earning PHR certification may help you demonstrate your skills and knowledge in the human resources field as you seek a job or work to advance with your current employer. To choose the best online PHR class, you may consider such things as course content, study materials, and cost. You may also consider whether help and feedback will be available when you need it. Additionally, you may narrow your list of possibilities by considering class reviews and recommendations from people who've earned PHR certification.

When you are selecting the best online PHR class, you may do well to carefully consider the curriculum. There are six different content areas on the exam you’ll need to take for certification. Typically, you’ll need to choose a preparation class that covers all six of these content areas in depth.

You may also do well to choose an online class that provides an opportunity for you to assess the knowledge you’ve gained and receive feedback on your progress. For example, you may do well to choose a class through which you'll receive feedback from your instructor as well as practice exams you can take to test your knowledge as you go along. You may also prefer a class that includes an online forum for communicating with other students and possibly sharing study ideas.


Study materials can be an important part of preparing for PHR certification. While you will likely receive class materials online, you may also do well with a class that provides study materials you can use on your own. For example, having an offline study guide may prove helpful as you prepare for PHR certification. This may be good for times when it is inconvenient to study online or if you feel that you study most effectively offline.

Cost is likely to be an issue as well as you work to choose the best online PHR classes. Tuition and fees may vary widely from program to program. You may look for a program that is not only affordable but also offers payment options. For example, some programs may allow you to make installment payments rather than paying the entire tuition cost up front.

You may also do well to seek out recommendations and reviews from people who have recently earned PHR certification. They may be able to give you inside opinions regarding some of the online PHR classes you are considering. With their reviews and recommendations in mind, you may have a better chance of choosing the PHR class that will best prepare you for certification.


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